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Completion Date: Wed 22 Aug 2018

About Me

My name is Faiza Ahmed from Malawi. I am trying to raise £ 23, 345 for my studies in the UK.

I was excited when I got the news that I have been admitted to pursue a doctorate degree in sociology at the University of Leicester. I was over the moon. I broke the news to my family and they were equally excited. But my excitement was cut short after reading the rest of the offer letter. I need to have a total of £23,345 to cover my first year.

·         Tuition 14,210.00

·         £9,135 to cover living costs and expenses when I apply for a Tier 4 visa.

I realised I cannot, on my own, manage to pay the tuition fee. I have tried and still trying everything from applying for scholarships to essay contests, but reality is that chances are very slim. There are very few opportunities yet the demand is very high.

Why a PhD? I would ultimately love to go into academia where I believe I will continually grow and also share my knowledge and passion with people of similar passion.

My Study

If you can read and effortlessly understand what I am writing here, then you can speak and understand English. But did you know that there are thousands of people out there in the United Kingdom itself who cannot speak English? This is mainly true with migrant populations, and Muslim women make the majority of those with low English skills.

Imagine your mother rushing to the hospital and failing to explain her ailment because she cannot speak English. Or your beloved daughter stranded at the super market due to communication breakdown. This the sad reality among our migrant sisters, but we can help make things better and easier for them.

My study aims to examine the gendered barriers involved in the access of language services among migrant women in the UK. It will examine the services available to the Muslim migrants as well as effectiveness of services that are in place to assist migrants with their integration into the British society. It is my hope that the study will generate greater awareness among service providers on the importance of having proper, practical and all-inclusive integration services.

I have worked with migrant populations and I am excited to make this humble contribution, and I hope you too, through your generosity, can come on board and be part of this project that will improve the lives of many.

I promise to write updates on my work and publish my study on a relevant website available to everyone.

I will also take time to give updates on my life and study experiences.

So if you think this is a great project, and for a good cause, then go ahead and give me a push. No donation is too small or too big.

I know £23,345 is a lot of money but I am sure that with your generosity, love and support, I will be able to raise this sum and realise my dreams at the same time change someone’s life. All money raised will go to the University tuition and living costs. So by giving money, sharing the page and even just talking to someone about it, you will be changing someone’s life and be part of this great journey.

Thank you for stopping by and supporting my fund raising campaign. Please know that I am grateful and do not take this for granted. And feel free to get in touch in regards to this campaign.

Thank you.