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Who Am I & what Is #Fashion2015?

- I am Ellie-Grace, and I am going into my third year at UCA Epsom Studying Fashion.
- As part of my last year I have to design and make a Pre-Collection and  a 6 piece Final Collection; this costs around £5000 (which has been advised by tutors & previous students)
- My student loan covers my living JUST and I have some savings!
- I was offered an amazing internship over summer so haven't been able to earn the full £5000
- I would love to start my own label after uni & this will be a great head start!!!

Where will the money go?

- All the money will go towards my materials, such as: 
 -Calico for toiling 
 - Ink 
 - Train fares for fabric research
 - Buying fabric and sampling it
 - Ink 
 - Portfolios 
- Final fabrics (ALWAYS hurts the bank balance!!!)
 - Illustration materials & the list goes on...
- All these costs add up and become increasingly difficult to fund even with a job!
- I am holding a local fundraiser in September where I will donate 50% to Breast Cancer Research and 50% will help fund my next year, if I raise more than I expect all    the extra money will also be donated to Breast Cancer Research!!!


- I have come up with some rewards to thank everyone who donates and believes in me!!!

- The rewards are just to the right, check them out >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


Follow me on social media for updates:
 - Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/elliegrace.frost)
 - Instagram (elliefrost94)
 -LinkedIn  (https://uk.linkedin.com/pub/ellie-grace-frost/b4/844/366)

& If you would like more information, please email me via: elliegrace102@hotmail.co.uk

Please help spread the word & Thank you!!!!

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