A bilingual Welsh/English feminist zine focusing on poetry, prose, political and social issues.

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This project received pledges on Wed 01 May 2013

A bilingual anarcha-feminist zine from Wales

The Ffwff collective has published 3 zines so far and hopes to continue. We need help with printing costs, travel costs (the editors live in different parts of Wales), and also costs to cover stalls and sometimes to buy 'free gifts'. The 3rd Ffwff for example has a free gift of wild flower seeds that accompanies an article discussing Seed Exchange in Welsh.

Ffwff is given away for free or for donations and is not for profit. 

All kinds of people contribute to Ffwff: young, old, disabled, working people, and students; men and women. We have received contributions from France and Ffwff has been discussed on a Parisian Radio station called 'Radio Full Vibes'. The interview is here under the 'podcasts' tab.


The first zine of August 2012 included:

- Cyfweliad gyda Patricia Morgan (Datblygu)
- Cerdd gan Rhys Trimble, bardd radicalaidd o Fethesda
- Loads of art
- Article about Louise Michelle and the Paris commune
Cyfweliad gyda’r ddramodwraig Bethan Marlow (Sgint/C’laen Ta)
& more


The second zine of December 2012 included:

-Cyfweliad efo Jamie Bevan, sydd yn gweithredu drost yr iaith Gymraeg
-How to make a Pussy Riot balaclava
-Article on Bad Girlz (Spiral Tribe)
-Barddoniaeth gan Rhys Trimble
-Haircare for anarchists
-Artwork by Mererid Haf
-Artwork and rant by Anis from France
-Erthygl ar genfigen
-Interview with Little Eris
-Poetry by Emma Manderson
-Art by Eluned Annaretsi
-Article on Roller Derby
-Vegan Ice Cream recipe


The Third Ffwff is being launched on the 3rd of March at an event that celebrates International Women's Day.

Previous sources of funding

Ffwff is funded from my own pocket but when there are opportunities to seek funding to help with costs I pursue them. For example, I was paid £50 by a television company to talk about Ffwff on a Welsh language youth program (Y Lle), this money went straight back into the project.

The third Ffwff has secured some funding from a feminist event called Birkenstomp (previously Brikenstock) form Cardiff. They have contributed £30 to print copies to give away at their event. I have also done translation work for them and received £30 in payment - I am also putting this towards the project.

As you can see, these sources of funding are one-offs. Although it is always difficult to carry on with a project when you don't know if you have enough cash to print stuff, or any money to go to events where the project could be promoted, and money made back in the form of donations.

The silver lining is that finding different sources of funding for every issue is a way of keeping it as an independent zine that does not have to self-sensor.


Thank you for your support!