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Masters in Applied Finance

Support my career switch to Corporate Finance
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Completion Date: Thu 28 Apr 2016


I am currently taking a Masters in Applied Finance to learn all about accounting and corporate finance. Coming from a non-accounting background, I am aware of the steep learning curve ahead of me. 

I stumbled into the field of Investor Relations some years back and love the combination of finance and communications. However, to move up it requires advanced knowledge of finance. Finance, to me, is very practical and can be useful for the world. 

I had never considered finance as a career path. But, I  met an entrepreneur who is involved with socially responsible projects using his finance background to garner funds for well-deserved projects in health and education, I believe acquiring finance is a knowledge not only useful in my personal life but also to the world, especially in the world of philanthropy. 

About Sian 

I am currently a Communications Professional working for several years. I have broad experience in marketing and communications across diverse industries. However, my real interest lies in real estate and finance. 


- I believe corporate finance is a good skill that can benefit not only oneself but also society as a whole. Companies are the main drivers of economic growth in the world, especially for smaller companies that need more help. 

- Although I believe communications can help to spread the word of a good project to garner awareness, very often corporate finance is the one that CREATES the project. It connects people who have the funds and intention to help to those that need the funds and have the ideas to help. 

- I truly believe finance itself is a very useful skill, only if it is used in a proper and ethical manner. 

- With this newly acquired knowledge, I hope to utilise my skill sets not only in my career but also to volunteer in projects that require corporate finance knowledge. 

Where will the money go? 

- Every single cent will go into the funding of my Masters programme, a two-year course. 

- I do not have any external support except my own pay check. 


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Find ME here

Please contact me at @Jasxteo


In an ideal situation, I would prefer to rely on myself to fund my further studies. However, the truth of the fact is, Singapore has a volatile economy  making it difficult to secure tuition on my own. I will seriously appreciate any form of external help that I can get. However, I believe in giving back to  society for what it has given me. 

I hope, upon graduation from the programme, to devote my free time to helping any projects that needs corporate finance professionals to help them. My greatest passion lies in healthcare and education as I believe they are fundamental for anyone to lead a better life.