Help me to find £25,000 before 25 September + support me on my journey to MA African Studies at SOAS

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Who am i?

  • I'm a writer , charity worker and prize-winning graduate with First Class Honours in Philosophy and English from the University of Sussex.
  • I'm asking you to invest in my journey to an MA African Studies at SOAS , University of London.

what's my story?

I fell in love with writing as a young boy. Having spent years feeling like I didn't have a voice, at university, I realised I could use my writing to say something important, by speaking out for those who are deemed too poor, too worthless, too other, to be listened to by the Western world.

My Mum and Dad live and work in Kenya , running an NGO that rescues vulnerable teenage mums and their young children. I have spent a lot of time in Uganda and Kenya over the last four years with our new, ever-expanding family. My parents' project is one of my greatest inspirations in life: like them, I want to use my own strengths - as a writer, an academic, and an innovator - to make the kind of difference to people that matters.

I want to help mediate change. Real, just change. I will do this by helping people to see that 'Africa' is more than poverty, famine, disease or war. I am also determined to develop platforms on which the African continent's most marginalised communities and victims of social stigmatisation can speak out for themselves. I want to use my voice so that theirs are finally heard. That is my goal.

I've now been offered the perfect next step on the road towards that goal. The School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) , University of London, has offered me a place on their postgraduate degree course in African Studies. I hope to start full-time from 25 September.

What's the issue?

This is an unmissable opportunity ; but sadly, it's not cost-free.

My parents' work in Kenya is completely voluntary , which means that I have been financially independent since aged 19. I put myself through university, and now rent a flat in north London while working for a health charity. The expense of living in London makes it virtually impossible for me to save up enough money to study at SOAS without help. Unfortunately I am not eligible for any scholarships from SOAS itself. In order to get to SOAS, I need to grow my support network - and that's where you come in.

Why SHOULD YOU support ME?

I am a worthy investment with a proven track record of success. As well as First Class Honours, I was awarded three academic prizes for my undergraduate dissertations, which focused on art and the Rwandan Genocide, and Somali experiences of displacement in relation to the on-going Mediterranean Refugee Crisis.

The examiner, a respected scholar of African literature, said of my work, "this is quite simply one of the best pieces of scholarship I have read in a long time [...] one of the most provocative and politically poignant interventions I have read [...] please think about pursuing a career in the academy. We desperately need more voices like yours going forward ."

African Studies is a very broad discipline, covering African cultures, histories, politics, languages, literature, economics and art forms. SOAS also happens to be one of the best places in the world to study African Studies. It will allow me to learn at least one African language of my choosing, as well as build lasting relationships with staff and students from all over the world .

It's important to note that SOAS is not my finishing line. By supporting me now, you are a key part of my career journey moving forward. I will use an MA in African Studies to:

  • study for a PhD ;
  • teach African Studies at university level to future students;
  • use my writing to educate others about some of the most complex issues in the world today;
  • collaborate with grass-roots organisations to create platforms for the most marginalised to speak out for themselves and facilitate desperately needed change;
  • form global networks with organisations and peers that allow for the greatest difference to be made;
  • influence government policy and bring African well-being to the forefront.

Where will your donation go?

The total amount required for the twelve-month course at SOAS is £25,000 . This includes:

  • £8,785 for student fees;
  • £6,715 for London rent;
  • £9,500 for living costs (including books, travel, study costs, utilities and food).

I will be using the money that I have been able to save, and will also be applying for a postgraduate loan from Student Finance; however, I need your help to find the remaining £15,000, otherwise I will not be able to attend SOAS this September.

I have set the minimum required on this page to £9,000 . This covers all student fees, as well as fundraising fees to PayPal. Hubbub does not charge any fees. This is an all-or-nothing campaign. If I do not reach this minimum, then I will not receive anything at all. Anything more that I manage to raise will be used towards the cost of books, travel, and study costs such as printing.

how will i reward your support?

Every donation counts, which is why I'll be compiling a special project to thank everyone who supports me, no matter what you are able to give .

For those who can afford to give a little more, I will thank you on social media, share my prize-winning written work with you, acknowledge your generosity within my first publishable work, and even show you around SOAS/London town. A full list of rewards is available on the right-hand panel of the page.

Please don't forget to follow me and my #find25 campaign on Facebook , Twitter , WordPress and Instagram by clicking these links, and keep up-to-date with all my fundraising progress.

Together, we can reach this goal

No gift is too small. Every pound will make a difference. Crowd-funding is about working together, so please give whatever you can.

If you're not able to support me financially, then I'd really appreciate your help in other ways! I've launched this fundraising campaign while working full-time for a charity, and need all the help that I can get sharing it around to reach my target.

Please share my video and campaign with your friends, families, partners, colleagues, and anyone else who you think will be able to help me out.

Please also share this page with your own social media networks, using the hashtag '#find25'. Thank you!

I'm Sam. I'm 23, a graduate, a writer, and a charity worker.

Everyone is on a journey. please support me on mine.

Help me to find £25,000 for MA African Studies @ SOAS before 25 September.


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