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Fine Art Kingston 2019

Degree Show Fundraiser

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This project received pledges on Wed 15 May 2019

BA Fine Art degree show

From the 1st June 2019, we will be celebrating the completion of our degree with an exhibition of selected works from a vast number of practices ranging between sculpture, performance, film, installation, writing and painting to name but a few.

In the following week we will be organising a number of events around our radio station AVNX which will premiere with an opening event on Saturday 1st June. During this week alumni, current Kingston students, tutors and external contributors will host their own radio shows on various themes. This will be an open event and anyone is welcome to spectate or participate.

The production of a publication, by two current Graphic Design students at Kingston School of Art, will attempt to provide an article which extends beyond the specificity of our year group and university alongside the radio show. As our publication will be free, extra funding is needed to support the costs incurred in the process of design and printing.

Over the past year we have managed to fundraise a significant amount through live events, a pantomime, pub quizzes, etc. However, we have not yet hit our target needed to ensure that our show reflects our commitment to the course, facilitates a fully-functioning radio station and caters to the fullest hospitality that we aim to offer.

All we need is a further £1,820 - your support is essential to achieving this! Remember: all donations help, no matter how small or very very large.

To clarify what your money will go towards we have broken it down into our expenditure for the preparations for the degree show, which will hopefully make evident why we humbly ask for your philanthropy! 

Where will the money go?

We have managed to raise nearly half of our proposed budget ourselves thanks to our wonderful fundraising team but the donations raised from this KUBacker will go towards some essential aspects of our show including but not limited to:

• £1240 Publication (including print and design fees)

• £350 AVNX Radio Station (including equipment hire and travel costs for external contributors)

• £150 Photographer

• £80 Posters

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Follow us to keep up to date with our Degree Show preparations! 

other ways to help!

    Money is great, but it’s not the only way you can help us. The more exposure this project gets, the more likely it is that we will reach our goal! We would appreciate if you could share this project on social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp chats! Family group chats! Facebook group chats! Maybe tattoo a QR code on your forehead?)

    Thank you so much and we hope to see you on the 1st June 2019! 

    Abby Hayes, Collage, 2019

    Paola Kossakowska, Sculpture Performance, 2019

    Meg Drew, Film Still, 2018

    Hugo Altendorf, Painting, 2018 

    Imogen Brady, Video Sculpture, 2019

    Ronan O'Brien, Sculpture, 2018

    Daisy Nutting, Aquatint Etching, 2018

    Karabo Monareng, Sculpture, 2018

    'Rhythm of the Sight', Student Exhibition at Stanley Picker Gallery, 2019

    'Round The Outside', Student Exhibition, 2019