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Please help me raise £6000 to pay for my Production Design MA tuition fees!

Fiona Guest's Production Design MA Fund
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Completion Date: Mon 14 Dec 2015

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I'm raising £6000 towards my tuition fees for a Production Design MA at the National Film and Television School. The fees are £12, 300 a year; unfortunately, my family and I cannot cover the complete fee amount,so I am seeking for sponsorship and donations in order to make the course possible for me. There is no longer any kind of government assistance for this kind of postgraduate course, sadly.

Your story

I have always been fascinated by art and design; film production design is a career which allows these two conceits to combine. Production designers create the visual world of a film or television programme. From an early age I would create illustrations for the books I read. After studying an English Literature BA, I became interested in theatre set design, but gradually realised that film production design called for a much more fully realised world to be created. The scope and variety of films and television dramas is increasingly vast, making it an exciting and broad industry in which to forge a career. A donation towards my remaining fee costs will allow me to embark on my chosen career in production design.

The Production Design MA at the NFTS ranks amongst the best in the world, with first class tuition and excellent industry links. The course attempts to fully acclimatize students to the fast pace of a working art department, making graduates eminently employable. At the end of my two years at the NFTS, I will have industry-standard skills in draughting, creating visuals, set building, model-making and managing art department budgets. For more information about the course and the National Film and Television School, please visit:

where will the money go?

The entirety of the donations will go towards the £12, 300 I have to spend on my first year tuition fees. If there is any surplus, it will go towards my fees for the following year.


- Screening of future Graduation films that I work on, and tours round the National Film and Television School

- Copies of my visual work with a message of thanks

examples of my theatre design work and film design proposals

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