Firekeepers of Kakadu

A film 65,000 years in the making. The Indigenous Australians can help us heal our fragile planet

Firekeepers of Kakadu
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Completion Date: Thu 05 Jul 2018

The Story

In this documentary I follow the Indigenous Australian Bininj Munnguy people, the keepers of fire, traditional custodians of country. A clan of people who can feel the rhythms of the land and it’s inhabitants. For over 65,000 years this oldest continuous culture on the planet have managed the land. Living in harmony with the environment. They are such a part of the land that where they have left the land is dying. The plants and animals need them to thrive.

In a time when our planet is suffering from over farming, unsustainable land management and we as people live stressful unhealthy lifestyles, the indigenous people of Australia can show us the way to help heal our fragile world.

A UWE production in partnership with the BBC

What we will see

The traditional owners of Australia have deep spiritual connection to the land. The story will be told through their eyes as they share with the world an ancient knowledge that everyone can incorporate into their everyday lives to live a more sustainable and for filling existence.

The crew

Della Golding - Producer Director: An Australian Zoologist, Presenter and Filmmaker. After living with the indigenous people of Australia I travelled to the UK to train as a filmmaker with the University of West England and in partnership with the BBC Natural History unit, studying the prestigious MA in Wildlife Filmmaking. Facebook page @dellagoldingwildlife

Gail Kukula - Camerawoman: Spanish born. Trained at LA film school and currently studying MA Wildlife Filmmaking at UWE in partnership with the BBC Natural History Unit.

Jeremy Tomlinson - Photographer/Sound/lighting: A professional natural history stills photographer who can also turn his hand to sound and lighting.

Where will the money go?

  • Travel, accommodation and feeding ourselves.
  • Equipment such as hard drives and camera gear is large portion of our production cost.
  • If we hit our full target we will be able to produce a high quality production to showcase to the world!

Updates on progress

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