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Creating a New Makerspace to Foster Creative Memories for Children at the Fishback Center

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Project Summary

The Fishback Center Parent Advisory Council is raising $3,000.00 to create a Makerspace at the Fishback Center for ECE which will give opportunities for children to create, solve problems, and bring their ideas to life.

Our story

The Fishback Center Makerspace Project

At the Fishback Center, we hope to create a makerspace.

The Makerspace will provide the opportunity for children and families to create and build their ideas. It is also an opportunity to create an optimal learning/teaching environment that models for upcoming teachers what a highly creative environment may look like.

Helping to support this environment will benefit the children and families currently at the Fishback Center, and it will also benefit early childhood teachers who are working in the environment and then can take these ideas for creative environments to their first places of employment.

Giving to this project influences young minds, their family members, and young teachers’ experiences.


This project began as part of a design thinking research project that Angela McKillip and Kay Cutler spearheaded with Chris Hume, the co-founder of Kodo Kids. For about four years, early childhood education and interior design undergraduate students have been designing furniture and products for young children in conjunction with Kodo Kids. In the second year, the students designed maker tables. One of those maker tables was invited by Kodo Kids to be developed further, debuted at the national early childhood education conference, NAEYC, patented, and then licensed for sale by Kodo Kids. Kodo Kids then designed additional makerspace furniture to accompany the maker table when designing a full makerspace room. See

At the Fishback Center, we seek to create the makerspace room using the Maker Table in which we participated in the design, and seek to accessorize the room with the slat wall and the under-storage unit designed by Kodo Kids.

Where will the money go?

When we hit our minimum funding level, we will purchase the Slat Wall which include storage shelves for ribbon, loose parts, tools, and two Saw Horses. If we hit our goal, we will purchase the Slat Wall System and the Maker Stowaway Cart which has several surfaces for the maker table, a half height workspace that lives under the Maker Table. If we raise more than our target goal, we will purchase maker supplies, such as simple coding/programmable equipment, and simple electronic/robotic equipment.

Your donation at work

Any donation amount will help to go toward the Slat Wall System and Stowaway Cart. 


We plan to purchase the materials over break and then put the finishing touches in the Makerspace at the beginning of the Spring Semester.

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