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This project received pledges on Sat 12 Mar 2016

If we do not raise enough money, this life changing project will close. Please give now. We have already raised £35,000. Please help us to raise the extra £20,000 we need.


    • £37 will pay for a 121 session to teach someone how to tackle abuse when out and about
    • £64 will pay for two people to go on a chaperoned first date together
      • £168 will pay for 20 people to enjoy a film night in a safe place, popcorn and hotdogs included!
        • £224 will pay for four people to attend a course, teaching them how to stay safe online

        Life is lonely without friendship, but for many finding love is an impossible dream. The harsh reality for people with learning disabilities is that they often end up isolated and face abuse and harm when going out or using online dating services.

        We urgently need your help to keep people safe when they are looking for love. Help us to raise £20,000, on top of the £35,000 we've raised so far. This will run the project for a year.

        How your gift will help end loneliness

        Through our Love4Life project people with disabilities will have access to educational workshops, social events, chaperoned dates, and one-to-one help, all in a safe environment. They’ll learn that just because they’ve met someone three times they’re not necessarily their friend. We help them  listen to their instincts and develop the confidence to walk away from abusive situations.

        We urgently need your gift now! PLEASE HELP

        Help someone find love and learn how to develop safe friendships because we believe that #EveryoneNeedsLove. We hope you agree.