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An experimental interpretation of what happens after death

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This project received pledges on Fri 10 Jan 2020

Purgatory and the nostalgia of life 

We are raising £200 for the filming of our experimental short film, Floors. This film is an experimental concept film focused around the stages of life and the belief that existence itself is a form of purgatory. Throughout the film, we follow a young man on his journey throughout an elevator. Each floor he arrives on represents a certain stage of life. 

Some of the inspirations for this film concept includes Blade Runner, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, 1970s European electronic soundscapes, Lost in Translation and Requiem for a Dream. The cover photo was inspired by Blade Runner.

Our team

Our diverse team is very communicative, collaborative and dedicated.

Our Director: Dylan O’Sullivan-Whiting

Our Producer: Karolina Kovacs

Our Writer: Davrose Febe

Our Cinematographer: Jan Alonso Busqueta

Our Editor: Joey Shaw

Our Lighting Specialist: Nicholas Taylor

Our Sound Recorder & Designer: Alfie Penfold

Our Art Department (Set Designer): Habibi Goring

Our First Assistant Director: Charlie Christie Aris

Our First Assistant Cinematographer: Cade Rippon

Our story

In this project, we are exploring the states of life. Our director and writer’s visions are to make this a film that can be interpreted in any way that you, as the audience, like. This film would showcase a young man going through different stages of life, symbolised by different floors of an elevator.

The first floor is everything childhood innocence -  Christmas, teddy bears, fairy lights.

The second floor is about the exploration of different interests as we grow up - electronics, video games, drawing, creativity. 

The third floor is the loss of innocence - a ball room, a woman in a red dress, a dance. 

The fourth and last floor is about acceptance and enjoying the small things in life - milk, honey, an antique tea set, relaxing. 

The lift that you will be seeing throughout the film will be the transition between the different stages. 

Why is this important to us?

In most stories, what happens after death is going to heaven and hell. However, what if there is just... purgatory? A way of looking back at our life and perhaps evaluating life. This film is important to us because we want you, the audience, be able to decide for yourself where we go after our death. We've noticed that there is a certain tendency in cinema about the portrayal of afterlife, and perhaps not enough films that can be tailored to the audience's understanding. We are all different and we should celebrate these differences. All of us are unique and we all have different interpretations about the world. 

Why does your donation matter?

We are super passionate about this project. We want you, as the audience, involved. Your kind and generous donations will be spent on the following, if we hit our £200 target:

  • props and the set design which will be approximately £100
  • food and refreshments for the actors who will be working hard throughout 2 full shoot days, which is around £30
  • submissions to festivals which is the remaining £70.

Every penny matters. There is no minimum target, so all money donated will be spent on set design and props as well as food and drinks primarily, and if we do reach the maximum, we will be submitting our film to festivals. Please help us out, we are thankful for any amount. If you can't donate, please share the link with others. 

If we go beyond £200, we will be submitting the film to even more festivals and would consider distributing merchandise or even an exclusive private screening.

We would also like you to feel like a part of this process, so we will be sharing photos from our production and post-production processes. 


You give, we give back. Please see 'Choose reward' section. 

Help us bring this project to life

  • Even if you are unable to donate, please share this with your friends, followers, your mum, dad, nan, grandpa, dog, cat, ferret, fish and so on. You never know who you could reach who could help us produce this film! 
  • Please share this project on any social media you have, for example, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Discord, Minecraft, Xbox, Playstation, wherever you like. Your share could mean another generous donation! You have more impact than you might think. 
  • If you can pitch in, could be £1 or £50, it will mean so much to us. Everything counts and we would really appreciate it if you could donate and/or share. Please help us realise this film.