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for free

a young rent boy's encounter with his true self through the lens of a camcorder

for free
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This project received pledges on Sun 15 Mar 2020

what are we making?

This is a passion project created from the minds of a group of storytellers eager to shine a light on an underbelly of society lacking of exposure, but so in need of illumination. 

Inspired by the gritty world of prostitution and its intense effects upon individuals, this film is an exploration of just that.

Theo is a 21 year old gay man, heartbroken and alienated; he has turned to a life of false intimacy. Vincent is a 41 year old filmmaker wanting to document Theo's internal struggles of life - this is where our film takes place. 

Theo is interviewed by Vincent and during this candid, raw exploration of his life - Theo realises truths about himself he never knew. And although he is not healed - he now has the coordinates for his freedom.

Supporting this film not only helps create a much needed, sympathetic film in todays world, but also will help open up dialogues about growing up queer and lost that individuals need to hear.

Who we are

Director - Evan Jones

Assistant director - Baran Çırakoğlu

Producer - Sarah Dines 

Writer - Patricia Craciun

Director of Photography - Michael Muwonge 

Assistant camera - Roman Ibragimov

Art director - Dovydas Arlauskas

Assistant art director - Miranda Song 

Sound recordist - PJ Gray 

Editor - Lucas Reilly

Where will the money go?

Actors - £600

Props - £250

Camcorder, tape and development - £50

Costume - £100

Festival submissions and contingency - £100

Find us here -

Follow @evanfrancisjones on Instagram for updates on the film!

Thank you!

the for free team