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Forks, Cutlery and Plants for Wayra

Reinvigorating a lost generation of cutlery, one tine at a time

Forks, Cutlery and Plants for Wayra
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This project received pledges on Fri 30 Aug 2013

Since we arrived at Wayra, we've gradually lost the key to the most important part of our days...

When we are hungry, where do we turn? Yes, to the cutlery drawer

And yet, of late, this vital resource has been drained and decimated. Just look at the photo above - you can see for yourselves!

Edit: Wayra has since replaced the forks, with a bunch of crappy thin forks. So in the spirit of cutlery-snobbery, this project will CONTINUE!


However, any extra contributions will be going to filling the place with plants, because under the European Workplace Directives, subsection 4.1.3 a.ii it is a legal requirement for all offices to have at least one plant per 24.2 square metres. 

The Million Dollar Question

The money raised here will go towards delivering the unparalleled, exciting and dramatic rewards, as well as purchasing at least 100 new forks for public use.

Edit: and some plants.

If you have any requests for other bits of cutlery, please post them in the comments section.

Finally, thank you!