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Formula Student 2017

Help us accelerate our Formula Student team to the top!

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This project received pledges on Sun 02 Apr 2017
Project Summary

The Southampton University Formula Student Team (SUFST) gives students from Southampton the opportunity to prove themselves on the world stage against teams with monster budgets! Managed, designed, built and eventually raced entirely by students; Formula Student is a massive project to take on alongside our studies. Every year we rely on the generous support from our industry sponsors and fans, like you, to help us develop and move forward.

This year sees the team better prepared than ever to achieve a top 30 finish at Formula Student UK and looking to compete once again in some European competitions. However, we need your help to make our car the best, to fund our registration fees and travel to the events themselves.

Last year we competed in our first European competition in the Czech Republic and once again achieved our best ever points haul at an event, finishing 14th in our class.

In order to help get our fundraising off the ground the University has agreed to match fund every donation up to £6000 from the donations it receives from its alumni community that support student projects like this one! This means that for every £1 that you donate, we will receive £2!

So wish us luck and help us show the rest of the world that Southampton has the best engineers in the world!

What is Formula Student?

Formula Student (under the larger guise of Formula SAE) is the most established international motorsport competition at university level and has attracted over 500 universities to compete against each other at events all over the world. The competing teams are challenged to design and build a single-seater race car which must comply with over 220 pages of regulations. The cars are judged through a series of both static and dynamic events and points are awarded based on how well the design meets a range of business, environmental & technical goals.

Formula Student is generally seen as a great stepping stone between university and the workplace, because it puts you in real life engineering , design and management situations, which is now a standard requirement of all internships within F1 and generally within the motorsport industry. Over the past 4 years, we've had many members of the team secure internships and full time jobs within F1 teams based on work done within SUFST, whilst many others have gone on to interships within high level automotive and motorsport companies.

The competition, held at Silverstone, is organised by the Institute of Mechanical Engineers and is highly regarded by many prominent members of the motorsport industry including: Ross Brawn, Willem Toet, James Allison and Mike Gascoyne.

For more details about what the competition entails, please see our website: www.sufst.com

Who are WE?

Southampton University Formula Student Team (SUFST) is a group of over 100 enthusiastic students, from a variety of course backgrounds, driven to design and build a single-seater, open-cockpit race car. The team has competed at Formula Student UK at Silverstone for the last 4 years, and last year we competed in Europe for the first time, achieving a very respectable 14th in our class, and each year we have seen an improvement in our results.

Where will your money go?

From now until July each of us will be hard at work, making sure our car is the best that we can possibly build. The money raised from this campaign will allow us to build our dream car, with high quality parts and an entirely optimised package. These upgrades will help us to perform better at both Formula Student UK and our other European competitions and help our students get to the events!

Cost Breakdown

- Slick Tyres and Rims: £1,000

- Wet Tyres and Rims: £1,000

- More sensors for testing and data acquisition £800

- Additional Machining of components (100 Hours) £4200

Registration and Event Costs

- Formula Student UK Registration Fee: £2,028

- European Event Registration Fee: £1,500 (approx.)

- Van Hire (FS UK + 1 other event): £1,000

- Fuel (FS UK + 1 other event): £500

Any additional money raise will be used to pay for the teams camping costs, and possibly even a second European event.

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It would be fantastic if you could spare some cash for us, but there are other ways of helping us out! Please share this project with anyone and everyone – on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, by email, telephone, in a chat over the fence or on your blog.

If you're a company interested in working with the team, please email contact@sufst.com