Enhancing Disabled Access to Fountains Hall

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Completion Date: Fri 27 Jan 2017
5 years, 7 months ago

We have two weeks left, it’s going quite well. Read on for an update and a message from Steve Gregory. Hello all,

We’re halfway through our fundraising time! This has been a strong week for Grey’s first crowdfunding campaign. Including the donations already received we have topped £2000, putting us two thirds of the way to our lower goal and have seen several more donations. This first project was always going to be challenging, but with the solid progress we’ve made and a strong push over the next two weeks, I think we can be successful. We have been working on several pieces of publicity which will go out soon, so please follow @grey_college on twitter if you want to be kept in the loop. Following some questions, we’ve clarified the campaign pitch to make it clear that this campaign is all about funding enhanced disabled access, above and beyond the disabled toilet and ramp which are already part of the refurbishment plans for Summer 2017. Likewise, we are changing how the matched funding appears on the website so that it is included in the fundraising total, to show exactly how much money is in the fund already. Hopefully this will help resolve any confusion caused, and we can learn from this for future campaigns. Finally, we have some words from Steve Gregory, one of the creators of this campaign. Steve is an alumnus who has served Grey superbly over his life, in particular running the Grey Business Angels scheme to help Grey students understand different prospective careers. In 2014 he was awarded the CASE European Volunteer of the Year Award for his contribution to Grey.

“It is more than fifty years since I first arrived at Grey, and I felt at home there very quickly. The three hundred or so students seemed to have absorbed the spirit of the place which had been established by the founding Master of Grey, Syd Holgate and all of his team - we looked out for each other and got involved in everything from sports teams to drama, despite the limited range of facilities for such things.

I lost touch with Grey in the early 1970s, but got involved again after retirement in 2004. On my return, I was immediately struck by the things that had changed - two new buildings, Holgate House and Fountains Hall. Holgate House offered accommodation for some of the additional student numbers, while Fountains Hall offers a lot of the facilities for which my generation of Grey students would loved to have had!

However, I have the strong impression that the students still have a real pride in Grey, and that they revel in taking advantage of the non-academic opportunities it offers them – something which hasn’t changed from my time.

Thank you again for being involved, if you are moved by the campaign, please share it, Nathan Young

Grey Projects Officer

5 years, 7 months ago

Anyone can see their Great Ideas succeed!

“Give Fountains Hall Disabled Access” is our first crowdfunding campaign. Crowdfunding is when you raise many small donations to see a larger goal succeed. Anyone can be involved in supporting a campaign, either giving money themselves, sharing it on social media or by holding discussions with the creators - if you have a question, leave a comment. In this way, we as a community can see the improvements that we want to see. If you're passionate about theatre, then support theatre projects. If you played squash while at University, why not support a project by the team. If you want the provision for disabled people to improve at Grey, then support us now.

This is only the first of many projects, however. Anyone can submit a project; whether you're from Grey College or not, (though those from outside will need the Master’s permission) if you have an idea and the drive to keep going throughout the campaign, you can see it succeed. We’ll support you, and this website is very easy to use, so we’dlove to see submissions from students and alumni, members of the University and local people, in order to benefit the life of Grey College and Durham as a whole.  Please be thinking about campaigns you’d like to see. Please share and support this campaign.