A French bakery in Thailand !

Your French quality bread is waiting for you in Thailand. --The French Touch!

A French bakery in Thailand !
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Completion Date: Fri 01 Jun 2018

Hiiii ^^

My name is Axel, after finishing my business studies. I spent most of my free time traveling the world. As for example Greece, Egypt, Sri Lanka, India but also Thailand. Of which I fell completely in love since my first visit. Everyone who had the chance to visit this country will understand me !

I am a self-entrepreneur and since 3 years, I created a site of E-commerce decoration of interior Art / deco style and also recently become Webdesigner. So I always have the soul to undertake and create new projects.

═══► My project :

A French bakery in Thailand !

I noticed one important thing all over this country and I am not the only one.On the tourist side, half Chinese or Japanese and they are very fond of our French food, especially our bread and pastry, reputed worldwide and Thai side they do not really have a separate point of sale in supermarkets but bad quality.


A French bakery that will offer bread (baguette / bread), croissants and a wide range of pastries. Without forgetting the traditional Thai cakes especially QUALITY !    The second thing we are going to stand out for is the decor of the place. A modern design style in a warm and comfortable atmosphere.

The 3rd thing that will make a big difference compared to the competition, if there is ? and to bet a large part of our communication via social networks but especially the professional quality website that I will create.

We will give customers the opportunity to pre-order online and even better home delivery !!

For information, Thailand is one of the most connected countries in the world :

"Thais more and more addicted to the smartphone"

═══► Our logo :

Our brand image is very important for us, that's why I'm going to appeal to your consumer opinions in order to choose our new Logo among it's 8 examples (it just misses our name "French Touch") :

- Click here -    Thank you for giving us your favorites in the comments !


You are simply the only solution that could, I hope, finally achieve my dream.

"The best way to predict the future is to create it."



═══► The funds :

The funds raised will be divided into two parts: the purchase of the premises and the start-up costs.

- Business of a bakery (rent included) : 15 000 €

- Start-up costs : € 5,000

Works and decoration + Ingredients / utensils + Legal fees

If by surprise, the amount of the pot exceeds the amount requested, I can hire a Thai and a CDI to invest in a scooter to make home delivery.

I will use this surplus of participation wisely for the development of my company !

So talk around you to the maximum: friends, colleagues, family ... Share the link of our campaign on social networks. This simple gesture can make the difference and allow us to reach our goal !