Help fund crucial ocean and climate research

Critical research relating to climate change and oceans

Help fund crucial ocean and climate research
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Completion Date: Tue 20 Oct 2015

A short summary of your projects

I'm raising money to fund a Masters by Research at the University of Exeter on the critically important topic area of oceanic response to anthropogenic emissions. I already have data collected, excellent supervision from leading climate and ocean scientists and an accepted place at the university - all I need is the money to fund this potentially  research.

Who are you?

- My name is Ellie Morris and I have just completed an undergraduate degree at Exeter University. I am extremely passionate about climate change and the ways in which scientists can help to predict and mitigate against what might happen. My specific research area looks at the impacts of changes in Ocean systems, which could have potentially the biggest impact of all on our future climate. I will be working at the same time as doing this research in order to pay for the cost of living, but I am unable to earn enough money to pay the course fees too. I cannot get a loan from a bank as my degree is not vocational, and as yet I cannot get a loan from student finance because the system to do so will not start until the year after my data collection.
I achieved high grades in my undergraduate degree and put 110% in to all the work I do. I am passionate and committed to this project, and all I need is the opportunity to complete it and show the world that I am capable of making a difference.

Your story

- I am volunteering on a research boat in December of 2015 and I would love to be able to fund a masters so that I can analyse and utilise the data I have collected. I have supervisors who are willing to help me and my project aims to answer some important questions in the current ocean biogeochemistry community such as 'what proportion of carbon stored in surface waters of the North Atlantic is anthropogenic', 'what method is best for calculating the proportion of anthropogenic carbon' and 'which models can replicate this change in North Atlantic anthropogenic carbon' which would enable me to determine  the accuracy and reliability of future predictions of anthropogenic carbon.

- This is an incredible important area of research because the way in which the oceans respond to an increased input of dissolved carbon could be absolutely critical in the Earth's future climate. The North Atlantic is a particularly susceptible area because of it's proximity to the main carbon dioxide emitting countries such as America and the EU, and the changes that could result would be felt worldwide. Thus understanding the impact of changes in the region is incredibly important in predicting and mitigating the negative impacts of climate change. By funding this kind of research, there is the potential to prevent thousands or even millions of people from awful consequences of climate change. It also raises awareness of the problems that we are facing and by continuing scientific research we show politicians and climate skeptics that it is a serious and important topic.

- It is important to me because I am extremely passionate about this area of research and really think I could personally provide something of benefit to the scientific community through this project.

Where will the money go?

- If I hit my minimum target of £2,500 I will have paid for around 65% of my course fees.

- If I hit my full target of £5,000 I will have paid the full amount of my course fees.

- As soon as I reach my target I will stop fundraising. If I raise over my target amount I will put the money towards extra analysis equipment.

- I will keep donors who are interested informed of the progress of my research and am more than happy to send them the full piece of work (40,000 word paper) once it is complete. The data collected on the research ship will be published as open access, but I can also send it over to donors should they wish to see it. I can also consult with donors on methods and the outcomes of the research. Updates can be requested as and when a donor feels it is necessary.


- As this is going towards research, I cannot offer any reward other than the fact that you can enjoy the feeling you have helped contribute to science and to our understanding of one of the largest problems facing society today.

- All my donors will receive recognition on the published paper.

Find me here

Email me to find out how I am doing or if you have any questions at all:

Help me succeed!

- You don't necessarily need to give money to help me succeed. If you can help promote this project, or know someone who might be interested, please share this project and idea. If you know of anyone you think might support it or find it interesting, dear friends or random strangers, please encourage them to get in contact with me, or just let me know!

 - I would love it if you could help to make my dream a reality by sponsoring this project. I promise I can do you proud! Let's make this happen