An obstacle into an opportunity

Help me demolish a financial barrier to education and construct a career in Landscape Architecture

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Completion Date: Tue 20 Oct 2015


My name is Stuart Martin, I am someone deeply passionate about the design and quality of the landscape which surrounds us in our everyday lives. I have the opportunity to develop my skills and further my knowledge through an MA in Landscape Architecture at the University of Sheffield, with your support I hope to raise the £6000 tuition fee for my first year of study.

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The MA consists of two years full time taught study at the University of Sheffield, during this time I will be immersed in the wide reaching application of Landscape Architecture in a variety of contexts. I aim to develop my understanding of how the design of the landscape can benefit the health and wellbeing of the users as well as the challenges faced with a growing population and food shortages. 

I believe we all have a personal relationship with the landscape that we inhabit, sometimes one which is not directly apparent. For me I have always wanted to attribute positively through design, focusing on landscape to achieve that goal. I hold close to my heart a passion for health and the importance of the environment to promote recovery and a space to contemplate, these spaces can have an impact which a drug can only dream about. This love of designed paired with a determination to produce thoughtful and sustainable landscapes is one which I will proceed to develop with the support and generosity found in every person who donates.

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I have been able and fortunate enough to save £6000 towards the cost of the course through employment and savings. This alone is a huge amount of money and I will be able to use this towards my MA but in order to complete the two year course I am asking for your support in donating a total of £6000 for tuition fees. This money will cover the tuition fees for year one and I aim to match the amount to demonstrate my willingness to succeed to pay for the second year fees through work and any means necessary (maybe more crowd funding). I believe by creating a stable financial platform I will be able to pursue my passion and follow through with my intentions, but only with your help, so please donate.


I don't view the financial challenges of studying a Masters an obstacle but see it as an opportunity, an opportunity which has led me to this site, and most importantly to people like YOU! I will always try to find another way through perseverance and understand the fortunate position i am in to be able to undertake this study.

If I can reward generosity through my ambition on this course and furthermore my career after completion as a Landscape Architect, I hope that every person behind each donation finds enjoyment/benefit in a environment designed with purpose and care. 

Money is certainly one way of donating and lets be honest, it's needed! but sharing is another. Any advice, information and interest in my quest please let me know and share your support with others around you. 

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Thank you so much for taking the time to read my profile.