Help me to pay for Postgraduate study at a top university!

My Postgraduate degree will enable me to change the world that we live in! Help me to do this!

Help me to pay for Postgraduate study at a top university!
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Completion Date: Sun 24 May 2015

Hello all,

Joe Worthington here, and I've been awarded a place on the highly respected MLitt Middle Eastern and Central Asian Security Studies postgraduate degree at Scotland's oldest, and the English speaking world's 3rd oldest university, the prestigious University of St Andrews.

Studying at this world renowned university has been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember; learning amongst some of the world's top academics and experts on the Middle East and in the awe inspiring surroundings of the Ancient town of St Andrews on the Eastern coast of Scotland. I just cannot turn down this opportunity, not just because of my personal desire to study there, but also because the specific degree that I intend to study will enable me to become an expert on the increasingly important regions of the Middle East and Central Asia.

I do need a little assistance from you lovely viewers out there! I will be investing in postgraduate study with my own money that I have saved for the past 3 years, from working as a freelance travel writer and political editor alongside my undergraduate studies. I have enough to cover the tuition fees, but have a financial deficit to pay for necessary accommodation in St Andrews along with important study materials (books, pens, notepads, etc.). This is where you awesome people can help - Every little donation will help to raise the final amount that I need!

About Me

I grew up in a low socio-economic area in the North West of England, and although I was fortunate enough to attend a good Church of England High School and 6th Form College, I did not quite get the necessary college a-levels to study at St Andrews for my undergraduate degree. So I have been determined ever since to work as hard as I possibly can to achieve great degrees, become the first in my whole family to achieve a postgraduate qualification, and eventually succeed in getting a job as a Diplomat to a Middle Eastern country at the Foreign & Commonwealth Office.         

I am currently in the final month of my undergraduate degree at Aberystwyth University, a BSc Econ (hons) International Politics & Military History; which I will graduate from with at least a 2.1 classification degree. I have worked extremely hard at this degree with the eventual aim of studying at the elite University of St Andrews. I have also focused my degree on the Middle East as far as possible, and have worked as an editor at a British Council partnered peer reviewed journal since starting my degree, with my section covering the Central Asia region. - I have taken all opportunities given to me to allow me to gain the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in the postgraduate degree.

I have also worked as a freelance travel writer alongside my studies, working for some high-profile clients such as Tourism Malaysia, easyJet; I wrote the Tangier section of the Fodors 2015 guide to Morocco, and had a cover story published in the National Geographic Traveller magazine. However, despite the time and effort put into this job, it has not been highly paid, and thus, although I have earned the majority of funding from my degree through travel writing, alas I have not earned quite enough in time.

Why do I want to Study at St Andrews? And how will your hard-earned money be spent?

 As previously mentioned, gaining a place at the University of St Andrews after a long and arduous application process is a great honour, particularly given my area of upbringing, and achieving this postgraduate degree from this university will be a dream come true, and will put the icing on the cake that is my academic journey. The university has been around for just over 600 years, and has seen the likes of Prince William and Kate pass through its historic doors. Why shouldn't I be able to follow in their footsteps just because I come from a less well-off background?

I aspire to work for the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, which is currently on the look-out for experts who are passionate about the Middle East, perhaps the most important region of the world for at least the next few decades. This degree, taught by experts in their field, will endow upon me these necessary expertise to succeed in my chosen career! I was lucky enough to be accepted onto a prestigious and insanely amazing summer 2014 internship at the FCO, and now I have an unquenchable passion to make this my lifelong career after graduation with this postgraduate degree!

Unfortunately, as an English domiciled student there is no postgraduate funding available to me that does not entail high interest rates from banks.

Here is how the money that you invest in me will be spent wisely:

- University Accommodation (£4000 for the year)

- Books, pens, stationery, etc. (£250)

- Travel from home to University and back for Christmas/Easter break (£300)

- Field Trips as part of degree to Central Asia/Middle East (£550)


The rewards that I have on offer for those who are kind enough to assist me with my funding project range from the basic to once in a lifetime opportunities - But all are sure to put a smile on your face and will display my utmost gratitude for helping me to achieve my dreams.

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My personal travel writing portfolio website for those who are interested in finding out how I have earned some of the money myself is here: 

Help us succeed!

Share this campaign with everyone you know, I know for sure I will be doing!

Any donation at all will help me, but the bigger ones will help even more!

Tweet it, Follow it, Discuss it, but please don't ignore it!

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All of the above PLUS a 1-hour Skype lecture (with remote PowerPoint presentation) about the intricacies of the heated Arab-Israeli conflict OR Britain's role as the colonial hegemon in Africa in the late 19th Century

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All of the above PLUS one of only two tickets available for my university graduation in June 2016. You will be able to see how wisely your money has been spent on my education

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