Fund my Music Therapy Masters

Need help raising fees for a part time Masters course in Music Therapy at UWE.

Fund my Music Therapy Masters
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This project received pledges on Thu 21 May 2015

Help me raise money for my music therapy masters

-I am currently studying for a three years part time Masters in Music therapy at UWE. I have taken out a career development loan from the Co-op bank and need help in raising the funds to pay this back and the interest also if possible. 

Your Story

- I am a Music graduate from Kingston University who has been working in care for 6 years both full and part-time. 

-Music is one of my greatest passions and I would relish the opportunity to use it as a tool to help engage with people who struggle to interact in other ways. 

- I am currently undergoing placements throughout my university course which are demonstrating how important music therapy can be to the development of an individual. 

- Music therapy is a an incredibly valuable practice for social and personal growth. 

-The cuts to arts funding and the rising costs of fees mean that I may not be able to finish this course. My career development loan does not cover the complete cost of fees and I am worried that I will be able to raise the funds through my work alone. 

-I currently work for Dean healthcare in order to fund living costs and in an attempt to raise the money for my fees. 

-Your donation will help me to achieve my dream and be able to help many other people. 

Where will the money go?

- All of the money will go towards paying the fees and the interest from my bank loan which I have taken out to pay for the fees. 

- Any extra funds will be donated to 'Woodside Family Centre' in Bristol which is a centre for deafblind children. This is where I am currently undergoing a music therapy placement. 

- Costs Breakdown-

University Fees- £12,000

Interest on Career Development Bank Loan- £3000

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Matthew Lewis