Fund my Master's to the UK


Fund my Master's to the UK
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Completion Date: Wed 28 Apr 2021

A short summary of your project

Good day, sir/madam. I humbly seek your assistance on crowdfunding my dream to study in the UK this year via "Hubbub" crowdfunding platform. You can VERIFY me in whichever way you want - ask and I will provide you with details of myself (e.g. passport, certificates, National ID etc). This is NOT a scam from the "usual" Nigerians, I need you and other people's help - donate to my dreams and/or help me share my crowdfunding campaign with your circle.

I humbly request for funding of a MINIMUM of £5,840 British Pounds or $7,000 US Dollars, which is currently equivalent to about Four (4) Million Nigerian naira (NGN 4,000,000) to enable me secure my Master’s admission(s) full offer to either the Lancaster University or Loughborough University, all in the UK.

I applied for a Master’s (M.Sc.) degree at the Lancaster University, UK, to study M.Sc. Criminology and Social Research (with Application Number: “35937978” and course fee of £19,940 British Pounds or $27,716.6 USD), as well as the Loughborough University, UK, to study M.Sc. Diplomacy and International Governance (with Application ID: “000302568” and course fee of £20,500 British Pounds or $28,547.75 USD), of which I have been offered full/provisional admission respectively in both universities, although I will go for only one of them. The aforementioned Application Numbers/ID can be VERIFIED from any of the two universities in the United Kingdom if you visit their official website to enquire.

From the forgoing, the course fee ALONE for either courses is at least 19,940 Pounds, EXCLUDING visa application fee, air flight ticket, accommodation, feeding, and school materials etc., hence I will be needing at LEAST £5,840 Pounds or $7,000 USD (i.e. N4 million Nigerian naira) in at the moment for INSTALLMENT payment until I meet up with the rest fees between November 2021 and May 2022.

I have no tangible sponsor for MANY years now since my parents are LATE and the current socioeconomic conditions in Nigeria have been very UNBEARABLE to me and my family. Thus, I seek for any financial help to enable me secure this funding even as I look for other means of getting funds. The course semester will start in September/October 2021 and I have to pay at least the school and accommodation fees latest by July/August 2021. I already have my International Passport with the “Passport Number” A50491629 .

Education and higher research have been my passions as I intend to apply my knowledge and experience from the course in advancing myself and society generally, especially Nigeria (Africa) which is being bedeviled with political violence, corruption, gender-based violence/inequality, terrorism, and poor foreign policies. I believe I can make greater positive impacts in the world if provided the right opportunity. I may have the SOLUTION(s) to most of the world’s social problems if given this opportunity.

I graduated from the Department of Sociology, University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria, in 2009. I also briefly attended the University of Ibadan, Nigeria. My full name is Obebinaru Favour OBHUO, I am from Bayelsa State, southern Nigeria. Every core detail about me can be verified and/or demanded for if needed.

Who are you?

I am a 31-year-old single male from Bayelsa State, Nigeria. I lost my parents years ago and have six (6) other siblings, me being the sixth child. My mother, Mrs. Harriet Godfrey OWEIFA, died on June 29, 1995, at the BMH Port Harcourt few days after delivering a male still-born baby. I was only barely six (6) years old at the time and my dad was the ONLY one taking care of me and my siblings. Sadly, my father, Mr. Friday Benjamin OBHUO, also suddenly fell sick and died within three (3) days on May 21, 2017. He had wanted me to go a Master's three days earlier, sadly he died from hypotension. Things have been very tough, however, I do not want to give up on my dreams and that of my late parents, especially my father.

I am a graduate of Sociology/Criminology in Nigeria with a Second-class Upper honours. I am also professional debater who represented my alma mater (the University of Port Harcourt) at the Pan African Universities Debating Championships (PAUDC) which makes use of the British Parliamentary System of Debate. I love sports and play football (soccer), table tennis, and engage in marathon.

Furthermore, I am member of the Humanist Association of Nigeria (HAN) and Port Harcourt Secular Society respectively, and work with the likes of Dr. Leo Igwe, Calistus Igwilo etc., in enlightenment and human rights campaigns across Nigeria.

Your story

I am doing this to help me reach greater heights, just like I earlier highlighted. Donating to my course will not only benefit me and my (poor) siblings/family but will be an evidence of your humane attitude towards helping those genuinely in need and in seeing that the world becomes a better place through (higher) education under a diverse culture. I promise not to fail!

Thank you in advance and watch my uploaded video soon. It is all about trust, humanity, and vision. I hope this was not too long?

Where will the money go

The funds from you and other donors will ENTIRELY go to either of the two universities in funding my postgraduate education.

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