My College Studies on Politics

Hi! My name is Silvia. I am a motivated student who would like to seek funding for my studies.

My College Studies on Politics
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Completion Date: Thu 20 Apr 2017

Hello Everyone!

I am raising £11000 to study In Great Britain At Brockenhurst College for the year 2018. I am reading economics, history and politics for my a levels and i am motivated to apply to Harvard University to delve into the world of politics, and eventually becoming a politician in Europe. The funding would be allocated entirely to aid the cost of education and living in the UK, thank you for your attention, and once again thank you for lending a helping hand, your help would benefit my studies and future immensely :)

Who Am I?

I am an 18 years old deeply enthusiastic girl currently studying politics, economics and history at Brockenhurst College in Great Britain who is greatly interested in global politics, determined to continue my studies here in Britain and further to contribute and influence positively global course of events.

MY story

While I was studying at grammar school in Slovakia I was deeply interested in science however during this period I was also spending my time on extending of my general knowledge what included global political issues and competing in various competitions with significant achievements. After few years, I decided to devote my time on studying of international economic and political relations. Because my country has not been offering any possibilities of similar focusing at high schools I decided to apply for foreign colleges with an offer to focus my studies on certain subjects with the main priority to shape and acquire required knowledge. Currently I study at Brockenhurst College with my main aim to graduate here as I have no similar possibility to achieve it in my home country.This is my first year from two that was financially supported by my family. However, to graduate and achieve the best desired results for my next studies at university I will need financial support which my family is not able to provide for my second year. It is really important to have the best education as it will be helpful for my future career. My biggest dream is to contribute and influence European politics and therefore this financial support would allow me to achieve it and further to change people's lives to better.

Where will the money go?

If i hit my minimum it will allowed me to continue in my studies here in Britain. Moreover, I will get a chance to prove my best and achieve the best desired results.This financial support will go entirely only on my funding of studying at college in the second year.In case if extra funding will be earned it will be used only on funding of my future studies at university.

Where you can contact me?

You Can Contact me via E-mail.My e-mail is


I will be greatly thankful for every help from you as my future lies on you right now. And Thereby I want to thank to everybody who will support me in achieving of my goals and dreams.Once again, Thank you!