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Number of students that will benefit: 145 currently on roll, with intake increased to 30 per year in 2016, so will grow to 210 pupils by 2023.

Age of students: 4-11

Percentage eligible for free school meals: 13%*

*in the last six years


We are a thriving and vibrant all-inclusive primary school where the children have an embedded love of learning. Our ethos is "Excellence for All" and this is at the heart of everything we do. We provide a caring, inspiring environment to enable our pupils to develop a positive attitude towards learning and life, offering them new opportunities to fulfil their potential.

The school offers an outstanding academic and pastoral education and, to reflect the demand for school places from parents, the local authority increased the intake in 2016 from 20 to 30 children in each reception class. As our school is not yet ‘full’, our statutory funding is much lower than other one-form entry schools such that we lack the means to fund some key computing equipment that our able and eager pupils deserve and need to access.

What do you want?

A selection of programming equipment.

Who is this for?

This project will benefit the whole school.

Why do you want it?

Computing has undergone a huge curriculum change in recent years with an emphasis now placed on teaching advanced programming skills from age 4. Learning to code, debug and simulate algorithms will equip our pupils with the skills they need to be 21st Century learners. Coding is becoming one of the most desirable skills in industries across the world. We need to and have a duty to prepare our children for their technologically demanding future by teaching them skills that they can adapt and use in the ever-changing world of technology.

Our children in all year groups are keen problem-solvers, with curious and creative minds. We wish to provide them with exciting equipment to develop coding and programming skills. This new coding equipment will engage and motivate the children, spark their creativity and allow them to take increased ownership of their learning, both individually and as part of a group.

We also hope that parents/carers will become inspired in coding as a result of their children’s enthusiasm and would hope to lead some workshops where the children can share their learning with them.

where your money goes

1 x 18 pack Bee-Bot Floor Robot @ £958.92 each

  • Bee-Bot is an exciting little robot designed for use by young children. It is colourful and easy to operate - a perfect tool for teaching control, directional language and programming, as well as counting, sequencing, problem-solving, and just having fun!

3 x Pro-Bot Floor Robot @ £107.94 each = £323.82

  • Bee-Bot’s big brother, which takes the skills learned to the next level and develops more advanced programming and control techniques, incorporating light and sound triggers.

1 x Pi2Go Raspberry Pi Floor Robot @ £59.94 each

  • A fully integrated robot kit enabling children to learn robotic programming with Raspberry Pi.

1 x InO-Bot Scratch Programmable Bluetooth Robot @ £119.94 each

  • InO-Bot has been specially designed to get the most out of programming lessons, using Scratch programmable language. Children can design and create fun and challenging activities whilst developing their programming and debugging skills.

1 x Scratch LED Rainbow Matrix @ £71.94 each

  • The Scratch LED rainbow matrix is easy to use and provides a different way of controlling an output using Scratch, which pushes the boundaries on children’s Scratch programming skills.

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Grand total: £1,565.25

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