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11m private renters are relying on us to win them a better deal. We're about to lose our funding

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This project received pledges on Mon 31 Aug 2015

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We are raising money to campaign for Westminster and local government to make rented housing safer, cheaper and more secure. After an unexpected funding cut we need to raise enough money to keep us going until spring, when we expect to have longer term funding. 

Who are WE?

Since March 2014, Generation Rent has been the only organisation that represents the UK's 11 million private renters, who face the highest housing costs, the least stability and the worst quality housing. 

Our core team is Betsy Dillner (director), Seb Klier (policy manager) and Dan Wilson Craw (comms manager).


In our first year and a half, we have already succeeded in pushing the government to protect renters from revenge evictions, take away landlord tax breaks and regulate letting agents.

But with growing numbers of renters paying more than half of their income in rent, facing being kicked out of their home with only two months' notice and living in unsafe properties, our work is not over. 

Unfortunately our funding is being cut off early and we have until 31 August to keep the campaign going. Without us the voice of renters will disappear from the media and political debate.

Where will the money go?

We have three things to do by next spring: push the government into protecting tenants from criminal landlords, win a commitment from the next Mayor of London to bring down rents in the city, and secure longer term grant funding. We are already working on all three but this money is needed to keep the team in place and avoid losing any momentum. 

If we only hit our minimum we will have to lay off the team but the campaign can still exist as a volunteer-run organisation. 

If we manage to raise more than our target we will be able to do more research to support our campaigns.

Our existing supporters get a monthly email update - so we will make sure donors receive these communications. 


Everyone who donates more than £5 will get a reward - from a hug to a print of our flats-in-Parliament design. Check them out over on the right. 

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Help us succeed!

As well as your money we need your voice - please share this campaign with anyone you think is interested: renters, people who can't afford to rent, fifty- and sixty-somethings whose kids refuse to give them grandchildren until they have a home they aren't going to get kicked out of. ANYONE. 

If you think what we're campaigning for will help you personally, please tell us. Write a blog saying why this is so important, submit a video that we can share - the more people we can show will benefit from this the stronger our campaign will be.

If you can do anything to make more people aware of the crowdfunding campaign that would be incredibly valuable in itself, but please consider donating what you can - every pound gets us closer to the target.