"Just think... What do we need to make it all happen?... Money!"

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"What do we need to make it all happen...? Money!"

Hi, I'm Emma!

For the last three years I've been studying Music at the University of York; I've had an incredible time singing, acting and writing a few essays (less wonderful but still not too shabby) and about a year ago I bit the bullet and decided to continue my training in musical theatre. When I first stepped through the front door of the Royal Academy of Music when I was seventeen, I decided that if I was going to carry on with musical theatre, this was where I had to do it.

After a few tears, many sleepless nights and just one audition, I got the best Christmas present I could have asked for...

I was offered one of 15 places for girls to study MA Musical Theatre at the Royal Academy of Music

Yes, I cried. No, it still hasn't sunk in. Yes, I will have to dance in heels.

I am over the moon to have been offered the chance to study at the Royal Academy in September. This is what they have to say about the course:

'The Academy's intensive one-year postgraduate programme trains students for careers in professional Musical Theatre. We provide a direct link into the profession by combining daily class work and one-to-one tuition with numerous opportunities to perform for industry experts'

So over the course, this is what I'll be doing:

- Project performances

- Agent showcase

- Singing lessons and repertoire coaching

- Dance and movement

- Acting and spoken word

- Integration of acting and singing

- Masterclasses and workshops

- Audition preparation

- Sight-reading and musical awareness

- History of musical theatre

The Gritty Bit...

I realise how immensely lucky I am and I'm so incredibly grateful for the chance to continue my training somewhere as prestigious as the Academy, but there is now just one thing standing between me and my dream...


the MA course costs £14,800, which comes to about £74 per day (pass the gin...)

Thankfully the government have postgraduate loans now (hallelujah) but this will come just short of covering the costs of living in London (about £11,500).

I have an MI5 level action plan on how to raise everything I can but even then it will be a challenge to raise £14,800 all by myself. This is where you come in...

What's in it for you?

I have a few rewards to thank anyone who chooses to donate; whether you can spare £1 or £50 there will be something to say thank you for your help. Check them out at the side of the page. If you can spare even the smallest amount it would mean the world to me and will help me get one step closer to the Academy!

find me here

I promise I am a real person and your money will not be going to a robot... If you need more convincing you can get in touch here:


twitter: @emmawright41


Similarly if you want proof that I can indeed sing I am happy to send you recordings from my recent undergraduate recital.

My promise to you...

I will work so SO hard. If I make it as a professional singer you will be able to say that it was your support and generosity that made it all possible. I will be forever grateful and will do everything I can to prove just how much your support means to me.

Thank you

Em x

1 month, 1 week ago

Ian Fleming Musical Theatre Award - FINAL ROUND

I got an email this week saying the panel had selected me for the final round of auditions for the Ian Fleming Award *happy happy feet* so on Thursday I'll be heading off to London to sing for some big West End names and to have a chat about what I want to do after my time at the Academy!

This is my rehearsal video that was provided as part of my application, give it a click!


1 month, 3 weeks ago

Really exciting news!

I got a phone call from the Academy recently telling me that I had been nominated for the Ian Fleming Musical Theatre Award ! This is a highly competitive award and a huge honour so keeping everything crossed for an audition later this month!

I have a couple of fundraisers lined up for the Summer in York and Norfolk so keep your eyes peeled for info about them.

I'd like to thank everyone who has supported me so far, (both financially and emotionally!) it really does mean the world to me so please do keep sharing and getting the word out!

SO much love

Em xxxx

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28 Jun 2017
Anna Hale

You're gonna be amazing! Look out world!! Proud of you xxxx

28 Jun 2017
Ryan Durkan

So so so proud of you!! Xx

16 Jun 2017
Martha Owen

So so proud of you!! xx

15 Jun 2017
Catherine Chamberlain

Good luck!!! You'll be great

8 Jun 2017
Alice Wright

You are a glorious human, hope you have the most amazing time at RAM! Many many love xxx

8 Jun 2017
Richard Spears

What ho!

21 May 2017
Elsa Buck

Go get em girlie xxx

21 May 2017
Suzanne Reid

Good Luck Emma! Saw you as Eponine, still the best I've seen! Congratulations on your offer! They chose well.

19 Apr 2017
Rupee Hayes

Good luck ems! You'll be fabulous! 😁❤️❤️

13 Apr 2017
Marijcke Veltman-Grisenthwaite

Good luck Emma; when I was little, I was going to be Julie Andrews when I grew up....well, I is all grown up and ain't no Julie Andrews..but then again, Julie Andrews doesn't sing Bass (Barbershop ;-) ) either!

Emma Wright

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