"Just think... What do we need to make it all happen?... Money!"

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This project received pledges on Wed 28 Jun 2017

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28 Jun 2017
Anna Hale

You're gonna be amazing! Look out world!! Proud of you xxxx

28 Jun 2017
Ryan Durkan

So so so proud of you!! Xx

16 Jun 2017
Martha Owen

So so proud of you!! xx

15 Jun 2017
Catherine Chamberlain

Good luck!!! You'll be great

8 Jun 2017
Alice Wright

You are a glorious human, hope you have the most amazing time at RAM! Many many love xxx

8 Jun 2017
Richard Spears

What ho!

21 May 2017
Elsa Buck

Go get em girlie xxx

21 May 2017
Suzanne Reid

Good Luck Emma! Saw you as Eponine, still the best I've seen! Congratulations on your offer! They chose well.

19 Apr 2017
Rupee Hayes

Good luck ems! You'll be fabulous! 😁❤️❤️

13 Apr 2017
Marijcke Veltman-Grisenthwaite

Good luck Emma; when I was little, I was going to be Julie Andrews when I grew up....well, I is all grown up and ain't no Julie Andrews..but then again, Julie Andrews doesn't sing Bass (Barbershop ;-) ) either!

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For £10 you'll get a shout out on social media for being a wonderful bean! You will also receive a little thank you card.

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Estimated delivery: 1 July 2017

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This year my new year's resolution was to write a play - For £35 I will name one of my characters after you, or let you pick a name if you would rather not be credited personally. I'll also send you a thank you card with information about my upcoming performances at university.

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Estimated delivery: 1 July 2017

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For £50 you will get regular updates during my time at the Royal Academy of Music and invitations to public events during my time there, as well as all previous rewards (a social media shoutout, a character named after you, a thank you card and information about upcoming performances in York).

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Estimated delivery: 1 July 2017

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£80 - this is roughly the cost of one day of tuition at the RAM (including travel to and from!) For this you will receive regular updates and invitations whilst I am on the course plus two free tickets to any of my performances taking place this year (n.b these are in York and travel/accommodation is not included, sorry!) - message me for more details about what these are!

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Estimated delivery: 1 July 2017

Pledge £120 or more

For £120 you will get every reward on this page plus, should the magical day arrive, I will get you two seats at my first paid gig. Alternatively, if you'd rather not wait you can get a free performance at an event of your choice (birthday party, cousin's best friend's wedding, etc. T&Cs apply). I will also credit you on my website as a benefactor as a way of thanking you publicly for your immense support.

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Estimated delivery: 1 July 2017