Graduate fashion week 2020

Help get fashion communication class of 2020 to graduate fashion week this summer!

Graduate fashion week 2020
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Completion Date: Wed 15 Apr 2020

Who WE ARE we and what do we do?

We are Fashion Communication with Business Studies BA (Hons) class of 2020 made up of 52 talented individuals and will be the third class to graduate from this course!

Over three years, with the option of a year in industry, we are exposed to various aspects of fashion. Whilst studying our business module, we produce an original business plan and historical and critical studies for which we produce a dissertation. We then choose from three specialist pathways, Visual Promotion, Photography and Styling, and Fashion Imaging to produce a diverse range of work for, both individually and in groups. 

 All of this experience and guidance leads up to our Final Major Project (FMP) in our final year, to create a body of work to display at the Brighton Show, Graduate Fashion Week (GFW).

what is it were trying to raise money for?

GFW is an annual event hosted at the Old Truman Brewery in London. It is an opportunity for us to showcase our work and skills we have been developing over the year we have been studying.  

Every year, 38 UK based and 40 international universities attend GFW. In 2019, our course was the most successful course at GFW with 9 nominations and 2 winners.The event attracts over attracts 30,000 guests each year, with many of them being talent scouts and potential employers. For us it is a crucial event in order to network and meet industry contacts that may play a helping hand in kick starting our careers and getting our names out in the industry after graduation. 

However in order to make it happen we need to be able to raise a certain amount of funding, GFW is a costly event and is estimated to cost roughly £10,000 our course to attend, per year.

 This is a monumental goal taking into consideration our small size, it has proven to be a bit of a challenge. We have been running fundraising events throughout the year to help us achieve this goal, however, we still have a long way to go. 

Where will the money go?

 From renting the exhibition space at the Brewery to printing out business cards, there is a range of things we need funding for. Every donation will go straight to funding our GFW. 

  • Physical exhibition space at the Truman Brewery to display our work
  • Safe packing and transport of students’ work from the Brighton Show to GFW in London
  • Supplies to display work including shelving/displays, hiring builders, materials, paint, etc.
  • Business cards to hand out to employers, press, and show attendees

If we are fortunate enough to raise over our target any spare money will be donated to the future years Fashion Comms fundraising. 

Why is it important to donate?

If we aren’t able to attend GFW because of lack of funding, we are missing out on a massive opportunity to display our work and talents, and secure jobs. By donating, you are directly supporting and encouraging the incredible talent that has come out of this course. We greatly appreciate anything you are able to give and we have rewards to offer in return for your support!

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