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Hello, I’m Ellie – a practicing Artist and aspiring Art Psychotherapist.

I have set up this page, as part of my quest to raise funds for my upcoming Masters Degree. Having been recently accepted onto the Art Psychotherapy programme at Goldsmiths University, I am now facing the very scary prospect of meeting the costs involved. All I ask is for just 5 minutes of your time, to read this page and see how this is more than just a plea for money, but one to support my charity work and on-going mission to make this dream become a reality. 

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Why Art Therapy?
Since studying Psychology and Fine Art at college, I have been fascinated by the possibility of intertwining the two disciplines, to create a service that has the ability to support, enhance and heal lives. During 2015 I travelled to Canada where I was able to use my BA in Fine Art to train and volunteer in a Mental Health Hospital (CAMH) and a Homeless Youth Shelter (Covenant House).  On returning to the UK, I began volunteering as the In House Artist at
The Fountain Centre, Royal Surrey County Hospital, where I currently run a group for cancer patients, using art as a cathartic tool and a way of communicating emotions that may otherwise be too painful to express. This experience and insight into the role of an Art Therapist has furthered my aspiration to read Art Psychotherapy at Masters level, which I will be starting in October 2016.

For more information and examples of Art Therapy, please select the links below:

The British Association of Art Therapy

Cancer Research UK


Although the fees surrounding this venture are rather terrifying, I am determined not to let them dissuade me, so am reaching out to everyone and anyone for support in helping me meet this challenge head on.

In fear of prattling on for too long…

Here is an estimated breakdown of the costs (click figures to link to source):
- £10,402 tuition fees

- £4,500 living costs (I plan to live as modestly as possible!)

- £5,200 Personal Therapy (a mandatory course requirement, estimated at £50 per week, for 2 years)

In addition to the demands of the course, I am hoping to continue my voluntary role at The Fountain Centre, however this commitment incurs additional travel costs and will compromise my ability to do paid work, as it occupies the only spare day I have each week.

I realise that I am just one of many students trying to make ends meet, but having spent the past 6 years working to reach this stage, I am more driven then ever to seal the deal and make it happen.

Why I need your help…
Not only are the course fees high, but also there are no grant/loan schemes available from the Government, as they are currently only helping students that embarked on Undergraduate study from 2012 (I missed the boat by one year!) With this in mind, I have been working as a Support Worker for individuals with Autism, but as you can imagine, raising all of the funds on minimum wage, within a year, is pretty much mission impossible! So, reluctantly, I’m appealing for the help of my friends and family that know how much this means to me, and to the goodwill of the general public, in the hope that some will be able to offer support.
If I could continue to complete this as a solo mission, I would, but the truth is, I can’t and I wouldn’t be asking for your help unless I really needed it.

To say ‘thank you’...

My promise to anyone able to donate is that I will dedicate the next two years of my life to successfully completing this course and continuing to work within the community on a voluntary/charity basis throughout. In addition to this, I am offering 'rewards' to those of you that are able to pledge a little more - please check out the right hand column of this page to see how your money can go even further.

Raising such a large sum of money is going to be a huge challenge, but I am determined not to let the barrier of tuition fees stand in my way. I couldn’t be more passionate about a career in Art Therapy and look forward to embarking on this final stage – whatever it takes!

All donations, even the smallest ones, will be hugely appreciated. I am so excited by the prospect of studying for this degree, and if enough people are able to give a little something, it really will make all the difference.

Thank you in advance for anything you are able to contribute. I am eternally grateful for your support!

Love and best wishes,


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29 Jun 2016

Hope this helps! XXX

3 Jun 2016
Tracie Barnett

Good luck! Hope you get there!! From Tracie (a friend of your mum's from UCA).

6 May 2016
Azhari Rahim

good luck!

2 May 2016

Best of luck Ellie with your Masters. See you soon. Lots of love Sarah & Steve xx

26 Apr 2016
Wayne Kriehn Adi

Good luck from Christine, Wayne and William xxxx

16 Apr 2016
Soiz Cheeseman

Proud of you Elles! Go get em! Xxx

15 Apr 2016

Master of everything she surveys!

14 Apr 2016
Fran Webster

All the best Ellie. I would love to have a conversation with you re some art therapy I did with a fronto lobe dementia gentleman. I am a member of Diana's alumni group KAN KAN and live in Haslemere. Perhaps we could have a coffee sometime. Fran

14 Apr 2016
Michelle Mccann

Good Luck - Michelle x

12 Apr 2016

Ellie - what you are aiming to do is amazing and will benefit so many people who experience difficulties in their lives. Poor mental and physical health can strike anyone, at any time, and to have caring, well trained people available to help them through difficult times is so important. Wishing you every success with your fund raising target and for your future which I know you'll give 100% effort to. I hope my few pounds, combined with other contributions, will help you achieve your goals and enable you to study and continue volunteering at the cancer unit at the Royal Surrey County Hospital which is so appreciated by those you help. GOOD LUCK Ellie - you deserve it. x

Ellie Burch

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