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Get Katie to Oxford
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Getting To Oxford...

Hello, my name is Katie - I am currently a final year Political Science and Philosophy student at the University of Birmingham. A few months ago, I was thrilled to be offered a place on the BPhil Philosophy at Oxford University. The BPhil course is the best philosophy graduate degree in the UK and would really aid me in pursuing an academic career. However, as one of the best graduate degrees in the world, the BPhil comes with a high price-tag that I am simply unable to afford in full. I have not received any of the limited scholarships from the university, so I am now turning to an alternative funding source - crowdfunding. While crowdfunding is an unusual funding source, I have seen it be successful in the past and decided it would be worth trying. I have worked so hard to get to the position of having an offer from Oxford, and it would be devastating to have to reject it simply because of the cost.

How Much Money Do I Need and for What?

I am crowdfunding to cover the tuition fees for the first year of study: £12,570.

Securing this initial amount will allow me to take up my offer and start studying at Oxford this October. Through the government loan and personal savings, I am able to cover the other costs of the course. Any money that might possibly be raised over the £12,570 will be used for second year fees.  

Why Fund My Graduate Studies?

I am aware that funding someone's graduate studies might not be the first thing you think of spending your money on and there are lots of other deserving causes. However, there are three main reasons for why I am asking for your help. 

  1. My long term plan is to become an academic in philosophy. My intended research area for this is the ethics of climate change. Specifically, I want to research the ethics of various techniques/solutions that are being proposed to combat climate change - namely, geo-engineering - and see whether they are ethical solutions that we can proceed with. With the current rate at which climate change is accelerating, I believe it is vital to establish the ethical boundaries of our responses to it and I want to be at the forefront of this. Your contributions will allow me to do so. 
  2. Philosophy as a whole is still very much male dominated and it remains challenging for women and underprivileged people to pursue careers in philosophy. Securing the funds needed through your donations will help me to defy the odds. 
  3. Of course, other universities offer graduate philosophy courses with a more affordable price tag. However, Oxford remains the best place to go for graduate philosophy within the UK, with access to exclusive world-class research, world-leading philosophers, and incredible libraries and academic resources. Undertaking the BPhil Philosophy course at Oxford puts me in the best position to produce ethical research on climate change. Your support will allow me to do this. 


Any and all donations will be extremely appreciated and I will never be able to thank anyone enough. To go partway towards thanking everyone, there are some "rewards" or thank you gestures - these are specified in the rewards section. 

I appreciate that not everyone can or will want to donate, but even just sharing this page on social media, with friends, family or work colleagues will help.

Thank you in advance for any help you are able to provide - I will be forever grateful!