Pitch A Fest

Contemporary Dance Drama piece exploring the goings on at as music festival.

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Completion Date: Thu 30 Apr 2015

Up Right Theatre are raising £4000 to get an original dance/drama theatre piece to Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Help us get to Edinburgh to get new theatre out there!

Up Right Theatre

Up Right Theatre are theatre company from the University of Cumbria. We are Performing Arts students from 1st, 2nd & 3rd year. 

In October 2014, Pitch A Fest was first performed at Stanwix Theatre, as an original dance drama piece. The piece follows the different goings on at a music festival. The people, the environment, the music, the alcohol and the other added extras that come along with it. 

 We are now developing the piece ready to take it to Edinburgh Fringe Festival this year. It is such an amazing opportunity for all involved and gets new theatre work out there. Without raising this money we will not be able to take this piece to Edinburgh and not have this amazing opportunity. New theatre is so important to keep the theatre industry developing and with aiding us to get there, we get to join the creating of the new age of theatre. 

where will the money go?

We have signed the contract for the theatre: Space UK's Triplex Theatre. If we hit the minimum we will be able to pay for the theatre and our Fringe festival registration. If we hit our full target it will aid us to pay for our accommodation and the travel expenses throughout the festival. If any extra funds are raised, it will go into the company funds, ready to start our next project and keep the company moving and growing. Making the company a success. 

Venue Hire (7 nights) : £1600
Accommodation (8 nights camping) : £1500
Registration: £300
Travel: £600 

find us here!


Please Please Please help us get to Fringe Festival, whether you donate to us or share this project on Twitter, Facebook and anywhere else you feel would help us out!! 

thank you!