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"Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive” - Howard Thurman.

Hi everyone. I want to start this off by saying what I believe to be true, and that is...The people who help to inspire others and change the world are full of hope and energy, because they are doing what they love for a living, they are doing what makes them come alive. Whether it is computer science, conservation work, running a cafe, writing, or acting, when we are fuelled by doing what we love, we feel truly inspired and excited, which in turn is passed onto others. Performing is what makes me come alive, and for years I have focused on music and singing, waiting for the right time to train as an Actor. Now that I have this chance, I feel like I have to do everything in my power to not let this opportunity pass me by simply due to financial barriers.

Help crowd-fund my place on the One Year Diploma in Professional Acting at The Oxford School of Drama

Its no secret that tuition fee's have become increasingly expensive, and that advanced learning, particularly in the Arts, is becoming less and less accessible to young adults at the start of their careers. Crowdfunding is how we can change this. I have a limited amount of time to raise the remainder of my tuition fee's and living costs for the year's course, which in total comes to £14, 550. My family and friends have helped enormously, and I'm receiving lots of support from my local community, for which I'm very grateful, but now I'm reaching out to the global community! Take a look at the rewards, many involve me singing so if you've never heard me before, listen to this solo and this duet. From Oxford updates to surf lessons and VIP festival tickets, I'd like you to feel excited and involved about this journey! Read on to find out more about me, the school, and exactly what the money will be spent on.

Suzi MacGregor – From Goldsmiths University London, to the Costa Rican jungle, to Oxford.

So. As you may have gathered by now, I'm a trained vocalist and musician, but for years I have been yearning to delve into the craft of acting because, for me, all performance comes back to the telling of the story. Now I am ready to learn how to tell the story as an actor, truthfully and to the best of my ability. I graduated from Goldsmiths University in 2013 with a First Class honours degree in Music, and shortly afterwards my passion for travelling led me to Costa Rica. I lived and worked there in a vibrant surf town for over a year, embracing new opportunities and growing immensely both personally and artistically. But my passion for performing, and my burning desire to learn more, drew me back to the UK earlier this year. I auditioned at the UK's top drama schools and I was accepted at Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts and Guildford School of Acting for the Musical Theatre courses, BUT I was also accepted at The Oxford School of Drama for the Professional Acting course! After a lot of thinking (and feeling), I decided that The Oxford School of Drama was the right choice for me. In the end I was drawn to the school's creative vision and their dedication to the students. Only 3% of people who auditioned were offered a place. To be amongst them is, in all honestly, an honour. Stoked! :)

The School- “We accept people who are highly motivated, prepared to meet the challenge and who are flexible and open to the changing needs of the industry.”-

Situated in the fields of Woodstock, just outside of Oxford, the school is a small, personal and focused space, which I believe benefits the quality of training enormously. We will be working hard; 35 hours a week of tutor-led contact time with incredible teachers, all of whom believe in the profession and our ambition to be part of it. Throughout the year, we will be trained for stage, screen, and radio, with it all culminating next summer in a final production at the Soho Theatre in London, followed by an agents showcase in September 2017. 94% of graduates over the last three years have found employment as actors in the profession. Some recent graduate news:

Claire Foy- Nominated for a 2016 BAFTA for ‘Best Leading Actress’ for her performance as Anne Boleyn in the BBC’s adaptation of Wolf Hall.

Catherine Steadman- Nominated for a 2016 Olivier Award for ‘Best Supporting Actress’ for her role in the RSC’s Oppenheimer

Anna Wheatley- Nominated for a 2016 Manchester Theatre Award for ‘Best Supporting Actress’ in Bolton Octagon’s The Family Way

Séan T. Ó Meallaigh- Nominated for a 2016 Irish Film and Television Award for ‘Best Actor in a Supporting Role in Film’ in The Callback Queen

Sean McCann- Part of Showstopper! which is nominated for a 2016 Olivier Award for ‘Best Entertainment’

The Costs, a breakdown.

Below I have listed the remaining amount I need to raise for the tuition fee's, my maintenance costs, and equipment costs. (The total cost of the tuition fee's for the One Year course is £15, 675. I am eligible for a Government Advanced Learning Loan, which covers £7395 worth of the tuition fee's, but I have to cover the rest, £8280).

Remaining tuition fee = £8280

Rent = £3850 total, at £350 per month.

Food  = £2200 total, at £200 per month.

Travel = £0. The School provides a free bus service.

Character Shoes = £23

Black Skirt = £30

Dancers Leotard x 2 = £40

Dancers Leggings x 2 = £40

Dancers Kneepads = £10

Spotlight entry = £77

Total = £ 14, 550.

Keep in touch...

Thanks so much for checking out my page! If you have a moment, it would be amazing if you could share and post this site on your social media pages and help me get this out to as big a network as possible (you can do this clicking the social media buttons under the heading 'Share this project and track your influence'). Crowdfunding is very powerful once it gets to BIG CROWD! Do get in touch if you have any questions.


Suzi xxx


Twitter @Suzi_NaomiMacG



1 year ago

VIDEO COMING SOON! With a little help from a friend in the Acting industry ;) 

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5 Sep 2016
Calum Jones

Hello lovely lovely cuz :D so pleased you're so close to getting to Oxford xx I'm sure you will be crazy busy over the coming months, but if you have the time (either when I next see you or by email) I would LOVE to hear you cover "Wish you were here" by Pink Floyd - such a heartfelt song and you have such a gorgeous voice to do it justice. Loads of love, Cal xoxo

2 Sep 2016
Robert De Grimbosq

Your blurb should read University/tuition fees (not fee's) My kids say I'm a grammar Nazi. I can also help with French pronounciation - seriously if you've any chansons - I did an Open University French diploma to back up my old A level French not long ago. Enjoyed your concert @ St Mary's - the first three numbers would have been at home in Fok Club nexst door !

12 Aug 2016

Hope your dreams come true Suzi! David and I look forward to hearing how things develop. X

4 Aug 2016
Marion Carlisle

Good luck, Suzie, in everything. I look forward to a singing lesson with you soon (best to ask Jayne for my landline). In my next reincarnation, I'd like to go down the music and drama route too..... x x x

20 Jul 2016
Ian Hunter

I would have chosen the surfing lessons but someone told me they don't come with cocktail cabinets any more. Good luck, Suzi. You'll get there. Ian

15 Jul 2016
Suzi Macgregor

Thanks so much Andy! Really appreciate it :) I'll be sending you a message about the song request, looking forward to it!

14 Jul 2016

Good luck! Only a little but hopefully it helps get you there!

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