Get Laura to the Royal Academy of Music!

There's one thing keeping the me from professional training in Musical Theatre. The M word.

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31 Aug 2016
Lauren Nuttall

Dearest Bird, I'm so happy you're flapping your wings away from advertising and into STARDOM! Here's to swapping spreadsheets for music - you're an absolute dreamboat and I wish you the biggest bundle of luck! Lots of love - McNuttall x

21 Aug 2016
Penny Williams

Everyone deserves to have their dream realised and you're actually going for it. Seriously impressive and I very much look forward to seeing you in the West End :)

20 Aug 2016
Sarah Ritzenthaler

You've always had such talent, Laura, even back in our school days. I have such fond memories of performing together! Good luck pursuing your dream and I hope to see you on a West End stage someday!

20 Aug 2016
Chris Adams

Sorry I couldn't make the gig Laura, looks like a fab night xx

18 Aug 2016
Siobhán Brennan

Best of luck to you Laura!! You are so incredibly talented - your Adelaide remains stuck in my memory as one of the most stunning MTW moments of our time there - consider this an investment in your future, so sad I can't make it to the concert tomorrow, but I can't wait to see you kicking ass on a West End stage! :) - Siobhan xxx

18 Aug 2016
Lauren Alonso

Congrats on getting into the Royal Academy of Music! I know we will see big things from you in the future! :) xx Lauren Alonso

15 Aug 2016
Victoria Greenway

You'll be insane, remember to run your own race ;)

15 Aug 2016

I'm trying to work out the most complicated song ever to suggest! :)

8 Aug 2016

So proud of you Laura! You'll be excellent and I'm so happy to support you reach your dream. Xx

7 Aug 2016
Diy Bird

Couldn't find a gift from Bulgaria so thought you'd appreciate a bit more money. Love Momma Bird xx

28 Jul 2016
Franny Anne Rafferty

Every little, big and inbetween helps! You got this xx

27 Jul 2016
Lisa Crook

Go and conquer the world: “Love what you do and do what you love. Don't listen to anyone else who tells you not to do it. You do what you want, what you love. Imagination should be the center of your life.” ― Ray Bradbury

1 Jul 2016

So excited for you! I look forward to tracking your rising star...Xx

29 Jun 2016

SO proud xxxx

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You wanna hear a song, kid?! You name ANY song that you'd like me to cover, and I promise wholeheartedly that a cover you will get, in the form of a YouTube video uploaded to my account by the time I go. This can be musical theatre, Sam Smith, Barry White, Chas n Dave, whatever takes your fancy. I like a challenge (eep)

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Ah, £40 - the cost of a standard West End show. For this you become a "patron" (if it worked for Marlowe back in the 16th Century it can work for me) - I promise you a written letter of thanks, regular updates whilst i'm on the course itself, and should the glorious moment arrive, a seat at my first paid gig.

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Estimated delivery: 1 September 2016

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This is the cost of a single day's tuition at RAM for 2016-17. What you will get in return is any number of the services I can provide, also for a day. This includes but is not limited to: House sitting/dog walking, babysitting, cleaning, singing at an event, proofreading dissertations & presentations, helping with CVs and interview technique, line running, running errands, helping with branding/marketing, washing & ironing, selling your stuff for you on eBay.... ANYTHING* (*within the realms of UK law and fundamental human rights)

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Estimated delivery: 1 September 2016