Get Laura to the Royal Academy of Music!

There's one thing keeping the me from professional training in Musical Theatre. The M word.

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You wanna hear a song, kid?! You name ANY song that you'd like me to cover, and I promise wholeheartedly that a cover you will get, in the form of a YouTube video uploaded to my account by the time I go. This can be musical theatre, Sam Smith, Barry White, Chas n Dave, whatever takes your fancy. I like a challenge (eep)

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Estimated delivery: 1 September 2016

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Ah, £40 - the cost of a standard West End show. For this you become a "patron" (if it worked for Marlowe back in the 16th Century it can work for me) - I promise you a written letter of thanks, regular updates whilst i'm on the course itself, and should the glorious moment arrive, a seat at my first paid gig.

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Estimated delivery: 1 September 2016

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This is the cost of a single day's tuition at RAM for 2016-17. What you will get in return is any number of the services I can provide, also for a day. This includes but is not limited to: House sitting/dog walking, babysitting, cleaning, singing at an event, proofreading dissertations & presentations, helping with CVs and interview technique, line running, running errands, helping with branding/marketing, washing & ironing, selling your stuff for you on eBay.... ANYTHING* (*within the realms of UK law and fundamental human rights)

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Estimated delivery: 1 September 2016