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Curiosity won't kill the Kat, but the tuition might! - help Katherina get to IE in 21 days.

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What #GetKat2IE is about?

Hello, my name is Katherina, I am a passionate and driven Media & Comms graduate living in London. I have recently been offered a place at the Instituto de Empresa (IE) in Madrid studying a Masters in Consumer Behaviour and Market Research commencing this October.

This is a unique degree where we will be exploring the foundations of human behaviour, decision-making and thought processes. We will be going into the depth of human psyche through the study of various streams of neuro-science and psychology.

I seek to build the knowledge that will bridge the gap between consumer and organisations in real world. I believe in supporting and inspiring those of us who 'serve' (i.e organisations) to make better decisions for those of us who 'receive' (i.e consumers). After my studies, I aspire to bring a new perspective to this field - changing preconceived notions of the way we view the needs and values of society. 

I authentically love learning about people's experiences and beliefs so that I can better understand and inspire them to pursue their ambitions and make decisions. I believe everything is possible with the right support and encouragement from those around us. 

So I have launched this campaign, reaching out to all of you asking for the support I need to make my dream a reality. 


The funds... why am I crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding has become my LAST CHANCE in the pursuit towards my IE dream. For the past 6 months I have explored all possible forms of assistance through a variety of scholarships, bursaries, loans and grant programs. However, I discovered that I was either ineligible or the program was non-applicable for the services on offer from these established institutions.  

Fortunately, I was successful in obtaining the IE Women’s Scholarship, which afforded me 25% off the tuition, however it still falls way short of my funding requirements.

I have invested so much energy into the pursuit of my studies at IE I refuse to give up at this stage of my journey. I will do whatever it takes to make my dream come true and raise £12,000 in 21 days. 

Any contribution you are able to make will go directly towards funding my tuition fees, enabling me to pursue my ambition of becoming a behavioural scientist and driving a new world of social change.  

My vision for #GetKat2IE

By running the #GetKat2IE project I would also like to inspire others needing assistance in pursuit of their ambitions to be not afraid to ask for help from a wider community. I believe crowdfunding is a force that will enable more people to achieve their goals and push past the roadblocks we face along the way.

On this road, I tried every possible way to independently finance my degree but was unsuccessful. It felt like I had (metaphorically) 'hit the wall'. I had to push myself to explore alternative avenues to fund my studies. Crowdfunding has given me new hope and it could do the same for you one day!  

Thank you so much for any contributions you can make, even the smallest ones, to help me realise my ambition - all your efforts would mean the world to me.   

Where will the money go?

All funds raised-up €14,000 (~£11,900) will go directly to IE to cover for my tuition fees.

Here's the total breakdown of cost:

Total University Fees €26,200 (~£22,000)

  •  Already paid enrolment fees: €5,200
  •  IE Women's Scholarship: €7,000

    Remaining tuition fees to be paid: €14,000 (~£11,900)

    I'm raising 12k in 21 days as I need to pay in the rest of the money in September.

    • PayPal fees (3.5%, applied to successful projects)= ~£420
    • My 'minimum needed' ~£12,320 (including PayPal fees)

    • Living cost: €5500-€8000 (£4622-£6722) - Any excess raised will contribute to my living expenses. I will obviously seek a weekend job and live modestly, however with such an intensive course - I'm not sure if I'll be able to work every weekend, I will do my best.


    Contribution Rewards

    Even though I know there are people out there who give out of generosity, I still decided to prepare some cool awards to show my appreciation (right-hand side of this page). I hope you enjoy them. You can learn more about them on Facebook page and YouTube channel in the coming days.    

    Let’s keep in touch – Track my progress

    I’ll be posting about my progress regularly on my Facebook page and Twitter so follow me and the project to find out how I'm doing.


    Facebook Page #GetKat2IE

    Twitter @Kat_Katynska #getkat2ie

    Instagram #GetKat2IE


    If you have any questions you can contact me via email: katherina.katynska@gmail.com

    Help me succeed! 

    Please share this project with anyone you think would support my journey to IE and anyone you know in fact – on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, by email, telephone, in a chat over the fence or on your blog.

      Keep the #GetKat2IE hashtag on all of your social media so that we build the campaign's community and get it trending online.

      Thank you very much for anything you can give. I really want to make a difference in this world and people's lives and I strongly believe this degree will enable me to do it. Watch this space.  

      Don't rest until your passion is your profession :)

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      Exclusive access to my masters’ blog – where I will be posting all of my findings and reports from the course (condensed for bite-size consumption) throughout the duration of my studies.

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      All of the above and 1 hrs strategy and branding session for your website and/or business or idea

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      All of the above and a webinar (1-2hrs) – where “I’ll teach you how to dream” and find your passion for living it.

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      All of the above and a massive Thank You in the Acknowledgement on my Master Dissertation and a postcard with a thank you message from Madrid.

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      All of the above and Business/Individual Brand Coaching Session (online) - I will help you to clarify a clear purpose and vision for your company/personal goals/ambition.

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      All of the above and Inaugural IE commencement event in Madrid by invitation only (subject to availability).

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