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Golden Honey 2017

Golden Honey - Support for Bee Keepers in Peru

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This project received pledges on Sun 26 Mar 2017

Who are we?

We are a team of volunteers from Enactus Manchester, a society that aims to support and transform the lives of people in need. Golden Honey is an international project based in San Ignacio (Peru), which has been running for the past 4 years. Last year, we had the privilege to send a team of volunteers to Peru to help honey farmers rebrand their product, and increase their income. This year, we would like to continue working with the local honey farmers by providing them with the information to build and maintain the machinery required for efficient honey farming. We also would like to expand our reach to other regions of Peru in order to empower a greater number of lives.

Why is our project important?

  • For the local farmers, honey represents a significant proportion of their income
  • Our project is making a sustainable impact to the community of 30,000 people
  • Our continuous efforts have improved the level of financial and marketing knowledge in the community

What we've done so far

  • We rebranded famers' honey with new packaging
  • We established new sales channels for farmers in Peru
  • We initiated a sales programme with a school in Lima
  • Our efforts have impacted the communities in San Ignacio by increasing their income by £350 per year
  • We are in an active search for reliable partners in Peru to increase the impact of the help we offer

Our aim

This year, we want to send a team to Peru, San Ignacio to help honey and coffee farmers develop and expand their business. We identified three aspects our trip should cover:

  • Provide farmers with basic financial and marketing workshops
  • Design and construct a flow hive & beeswax foundation press
  • Look for new opportunities to expand our project for next year

Where will the money go?

If we raise £1000 we can

  • Send 2 volunteers to San Ignacio £400 x2 (airplane ticket) + £100 x2 (food + other expenses)
  • Achieve the First Goal : provide farmers with basic financial and marketing workshops

If we raise £1650 we can

  • Grant farmers a beeswax foundation press £650 (materials + use of equipment + transport)

If we raise £2000 we can

  • Grant farmers a flow hive £350 (materials + use of equipment + transport)
  • Achieve the Second Goal : design and construct beeswax foundation press & flow hive

If we raise £2500 we can

  • Send 1 more volunteer to San Ignacio £400 x1 (airplane ticket) + £100 x1 (food + other expenses)

If we raise £3000 we can

  • Send 2 more volunteers to San Ignacio £400 x2 (airplane ticket) + £100 x2 (food + other expenses)
  • Achieve the Third Goal: look for new opportunities to expand our project for next year

If we raise £3500 we can

  • Implement new ideas our team will come up with during our stay in San Ignacio
  • Achieve the Funding Target : £3500!

Any funds we receive over £3500 will be used to expand our project, which includes saving the funds to carry out actions aimed at fulfilling the needs identified in San Ignacio during the next academic year, improving the standard of living in San Ignacio, spreading the word about our cause or searching for reliable partners in our future endeavours.

Please help us succeed!

Follow our project on Facebook for updates.

3 months, 4 weeks ago

We are almost there! Thanks to our generous donors, we have managed to raise over 1500GBP so far! We still need 500GBP more with two days left! You help would be greatly appreciated :)

4 months, 3 weeks ago

We have launched our campaign today! What a great start to have been officially supported by The University of Manchester Learning Enrichment Fund! Thank you for acknowledging our efforts to help bee farmers in Peru! :)

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LearningEnrichmentFund matchfunded £500

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