Golf Performance Studio

An all-weather coaching space for golfers to hone their skills

Golf Performance Studio
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This project received pledges on Fri 01 Jan 2010

The opening of the Vic Ambler Golf Centre in 2014 enabled the University to make a step-change in the delivery of our golf programme. Members of the University's Golf Club are now able to play regularly without needing to travel a long way from Campus. The facility also enables us to offer easily accessible golf coaching sessions for beginner golfers including students, staff and the local community. From a performance perspective, the Vic Ambler Golf Centre has vastly enhanced our elite golfers' short game.

There is only one long game facility in Exeter currently, the council-owned Clifton Hill, but this can be used only with 60% flighted balls, is an increasingly expensive facility for us to utilise and is also under threat of closure in the near future. As such, we would like to create our own Golf Performance Studio to offer an all-weather coaching space on campus for golfers to hone their skills throughout the year.

Many of our main competitors have established long game facilities so the proposed Golf Performance Studio would be a significant boost for our recruitment of elite student golfers. The studio would also offer commercial opportunities for revenue generation, especially in light of the expected closure of the Clifton Hill facility and the introduction of individual and group coaching outside of a student context.

We have identified a space in the main Sports Park building that is the ideal size and location for such a facility. This will encompass:

  • High-speed cameras to provide 2D analysis
  • Simulator software to provide on-course contextual coaching in a studio environment
  • Room fitting
  • Aesthetics

Where will the money go?

We are looking to raise a total of £17,500 to help us create the studio. Examples of what your donations could fund are provided below:

 - £75 could fund the projector mount

- £200 could fund the camera

- £1000 could fund the projector or FSX software

- £1500 could cover the installation

- £2000 could cover the dual spec USB3 computer

All gifts, of every size are welcome as collectively they can be transformational. Please give what you can.

rewards and recognition

All donors, regardless of the size of their gift, will be given the opportunity to have their name displayed on a donor board located at the short game practice area.

regular donations

Regular donations help the University plan for the future and ensure donations can have the greatest impact. If you would like to set up a direct debit and give regularly in support of the Golf Studio, please click here.

thank you - your support is greatly appreciated