Goodbye Sun and Bear

The Bare Project goes to Edinburgh Fringe!

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This project received pledges on Mon 10 Jun 2013

Goodbye Sun and Bear is an adaptation of Bear with Snow. A play about searching for things in the snow... most notably, a circus bear, a little boy and some warmth. When Luka releases Alpa the bear into the night he believes he has set her free, put her back in her proper place, but when a storm the size of five winters hits the city, he knows he must go out into the snow and find her. The audience are invited to come with him and brave a snow storm, meet hula-hooping circus folk, street people bound together by the shared ownership of a pair of glasses and a pair of boots and enchanting medical men who follow the cold so they can be warm.

It will be performed at the C Venues for the first two weeks of the Fringe festival, please support our show!


Who are we?

The Bare Project is a Sheffield based theatre company focused on promoting new writing and live music to create immersive and exciting theatre in a variety of different settings and non- conventional theatre spaces. We are a group of students and recent graduates from the University of Sheffield, and performed our first production Bear With Snow at Bank Street Arts, Sheffield in December 2012.  'As temperatures plummet in Sheffield, this timely offering from The Bare Project is innovative, interactive fun...' Ultimately, we want our audiences to be fully immersed within our performance of Goodbye Sun and Bear, one that has solely been crafted by students and alumni of Sheffield University.

We are looking to go to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this summer and we would be very grateful for your support and to be sponsored as the money we would raise would help us so much in our quest for Edinburgh Fest!

If you are interested in us and our project, or would like to hear more about the show, please visit our website/blog, or follow us on twitter, or on our facebook page, we are a very excitable group of people and will hopefully entertain you along the way!



 Some photos from our last project, 'Bear With Snow'.


Why we need your help:

Having been to Edinburgh Fringe before, as part of other theatrical groups, we know the expense and financial commitment to the Fringe. We hope to raise money by sponsorship and fundraising which will aid our publicity expenses and raise money to go towards the design and production elements of the show, as well as venue hire, which is pretty expensive!  We have been extremely lucky to have been offered a slot at C Venues, one of the fringe's most established venue groups and one that fully supports our ethos of being committed to new writing, and we want to start the season with a much deserved bang!

Any amount you could donate to The Bare Project's production of Goodbye Sun and Bear will be very much appreciated as we want to continue in making fun and immersive theatre, as well as taking our beloved project  and company up to this year's Fringe.


Why Support The Bare Project?

By helping us with this project, you would not only be supporting a group of young people committed to the role of theatre and entertainment, but would be helping a theatre company  passionate about performing arts and supporting new writing and immersive theatre. We are a group of talented and very motivated and driven individuals, and alongside any donations, we will be raising money for the show ourselves as we are dedicated and so excited about the production. However, your financial support would be amazing, and we would not only be so thankful but would also like to you to feel involved along the way! For further details, and if you would like to see how we are getting along, please visit our twitter, facebook and blog. We will be updating regularly and making sure you know what's happening with rehearsals and throughout the journey leading up to the summer!

Thank you for reading about us, we hope we have interested and inspired you.


The Bare Project