Good Grief Edinburgh 2012

Gone Rogue Productions presents Good Grief, a brand new musical comedy from Southampton University.

Good Grief Edinburgh 2012
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Who are we?

Gone Rogue Productions is a theatre production company, set up by members of the University of Southampton in association with the University's Students' Union, SUSU Theatre Group and SUSU Showstoppers. This year, Gone Rogue is extremely proud to be presenting a fresh, original musical, “Good Grief” at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.  This is an exciting project, because it has been created and developed every step of the way by students and alumni of the University of Southampton.

So if you want a bit more info about us or want another great way of showing your support then why not like the Gone Rogue Facebook page?

Or maybe you want to get the inside scoop on Good Grief? Check out our blog for more info from the whole team. Keep your eye on it, we'll get more excitable the nearer we get!


Why we need your help?

But taking a show up to the Edinburgh Fringe is an expensive commitment and, with support for the arts in Britain dwindling, we recognise the need to work hard to spread the word about Good Grief in order to find support from people who still care about nurturing and developing performing arts among young people. We hope that, as you continue reading, you are inspired to share our passion and commitment towards the show.

Any amount that you are able to donate towards this Gone Rogue production will help us to improve the show’s production quality and its publicity, allowing us to boost ticket sales and therefore build a well-deserved reputation for the performing arts at the University of Southampton.


About the show

A fast-paced comedy that is both touching and intimate, Good Grief is a fresh original musical about loss, bereavement and the age-old tale of growing up. The show centres around three siblings, who reunite at the wake of their estranged father’s funeral. It aims to depict the siblings’ struggle to deal with their own personal dramas on top coming to terms with their father's death. But, with the arrival of a few unexpected guests, and under the influence of a cocktail of booze and hash cookies, suppressed tensions and closely kept secrets bubble to the surface and threaten to unleash chaos.

Good Grief is an entertaining, light-hearted piece that leaves plenty of space for reflection and is, at times, very moving. This is mirrored by the show´s musical accompaniment and score, which ranges from sassy duets and quirky comedic solos to sexy jazz and heart wrenching emotional numbers. The diversity of the show demonstrates the wide range of abilities among both the talented creative team and the cast members, who have worked hard to put together a loveable musical that will appeal to many more than just the traditional musical theatre-goers.

Check out Good Grief on Vimeo if you don't believe us, and keep an eye out for a few more videos from us in the run up to Edinburgh!


The creative team

Stephanie Amies and Lucy Hughes became friends while working together on “Lillia” in 2011. They bonded over many a glass of wine, and many a packet of Cadbury’s Giant Buttons, so when Lucy started to create the characters and plot of “Good Grief”, it was with the specific hope that Stephanie would agree to write the music and lyrics for the show. Luckily, she was keen to get on board, and soon they were in a transatlantic collaboration, creating a quirky comedy about life and death via Skype and Facebook.

Good Grief was created by Lucy, who also wrote the book and edited the lyrics. Lucy studies Spanish & Latin American Studies, and also takes modules in International Relations. At University, she has been heavily involved in the Union’s Performing Arts programme and, having been in Mexico on her year abroad since last October, she’s very much looking forward to getting back into the swing of things in her final year. This is the first time that Lucy will see a piece of her own writing being performed on a stage, and she’s also co-producing the show, so this has been, and will continue to be, an incredible learning experience for her.

The music and lyrics of the show are the creation of Stephanie, whose future as a composer continues to look bright following her nominations for two “Musical Theatre Matters” awards at last year’s Edinburgh Fringe, and the recent publication of her first original musical, “Lillia”. Stephanie is a graduate of English and Music who continues to be involved with the University’s musical theatre society, the SUSU Showstoppers, both as a performer and a musical director. While Good Grief is not the first of her works to be presented at the Edinburgh Fringe, the show has represented an exciting challenge, as it has given Stephanie her first opportunity to create the score for a comedy show. She has proved herself more than capable, and her composing style will undoubtedly flourish even more in the future.


Why Good Grief?

By showing your financial support towards this project, you are not just allowing a student theatre group to put on a great show at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe this year. You are helping to set the path to the future of a group of young people who are passionate about the performing arts, and who have real talent and drive.We are very pleased to offer a variety of “little somethings” to say thank you for your contribution, but please don’t hesitate to contact us to talk about any other ways that we might be able to help each other.

We will be spending any money raised primarily on improving the show’s publicity; investing in large, laminated posters, and other eye-catching advertising techniques which will help us to stand out at the festival. Any remaining funds will be put towards covering the costs of producing the show at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, such as venue hire, which is a huge expense. For further details, please get in touch with us.

We hope that you feel so inspired by the project that you want to keep in touch with – and spread the word about – Gone Rogue Productions in the future. We really do love what we do, and the more of that love we can spread, the better!

Thank you for your time and, hopefully, your support.


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