Get Thari to grad medical school!

Help me raise the funds for my four year graduate-entry medical course!

Get Thari to grad medical school!
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Completion Date: Wed 14 Oct 2015

A short summary of your projects

Hi everyone! My name is Thari and I'm applying for graduate-entry medicine, a four year course for which I only get partly funded. I need your help because I'm not eligible for student loans to cover the £4000 a year left to pay for the course, let alone for accommodation and living fees. 

Your story

I'm studying Biology in Sheffield but I live in London. I've always wanted to do medicine and even had an offer to study undergraduate medicine, but unfortunately missed out on the grade. It was a real knock on my confidence, but I knew that medicine was the only course/career I wanted to choose. It took a while to get back on track, but I continued to do work experience, study, and search for universities which would take me on for graduate-entry medicine. I had to be careful about their entry requirements because I knew that I didn't have the A levels which a lot of other applicants would have, but I was determined to try again anyway. Since my university exams have ended I've been studying tirelessly for my UKCAT exam, after which I need to continue studying for my GAMSAT exam in September. It has been frustrating to see everyone else enjoy their summers and have a break whilst I'm studying, but I won't let that demotivate me.

The one thing which I cannot tackle with motivation and hard work alone is the funding for the course. With cuts to NHS and increasing student costs, I fall under the threshold for a full student loan but above the threshold for a bursary. I've already had to pay over £300 on UKCAT and GAMSAT alone, and I've really taken a blow to my savings. After failing to get into medicine the first time, I'm so determined to not let this stop me now. My one goal in my life so far has been to study medicine so that I can help people lead a better life. It sounds corny, but if you help me, even with just a small donation, I'll be one step closer to achieving my dream.

Where will the money go?

I'm raising the money now, when I am about to apply, because I need to provide evidence that I have the money to fund my course. This is a course requirement and not something I can put off until later! Any money you donate will be put into a savings account for use from next September, and I'll continue adding to that account until I have enough to fund all four years. If I overshoot this target, I'll use that money on textbooks and other materials, as well living costs whilst I am at university, as postgraduates don't get a maintenance loan like undergraduates. It will really help keep me afloat before I find a part-time job near university.

Help me succeed!

Even the smallest donations will help me to reach my goal of £12,000 so please support me! And if you know anyone, maybe even doctors or academics who would be interested in my cause, let them know about this page! You can even share this project through Facebook/Twitter/email if you think that someone might want to support me. I'm very grateful for any kind of help, as I'm really desperate at this stage, so thank you for your kindness.