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This project received pledges on Sun 10 Jul 2016

Why am I doing this?

I am raising this money to empower the youth and grafter's and hard workers through designs and clothing, the brand will empower people and encourage them.

Who am I?

I am Samuel Ojomo, 22 years old. I am an advertising graduate and a designer who has a passion for projects and creativity, hence the reason I decided to start up a clothing line brand.

My story 

It is important for me because of how I've grown up and seen a need for change in the environment and in the youth's mindset. I have decided to use my creativity to empower the youth to have self-belief and give their craft/talent their all because everything you do in life. If you want to be one of the best in the field it takes grafting and lots of it. It's important to the investor because he or she will be helping a great cause and potentially help fund a new platform, which people can then look to and be inspired from and start a domino effect of inspiration and belief.

Where will the money go? 

The £2,600 will go into production, print and packaging

£1,400 - for the 400 pieces: I will start off with and then from there I will spend £200 on packaging and £400 on making sure the orders are sent via the courier service. The spare money will be used for back up because one of the disadvantage of online stores is the returns and sending out packages to help with marketing.


The rewards I will be handing out will be photography and artwork at a reduced price via my media company, which I will leave the email for to get into contact.

Find us here 

Twitter- graft4ever

Instagram- graft4ever

Help us succeed! 

Even if you don't donate, please help us share and spread the word and get us out there enabling us to communicate better - twitter: graft4ever Instagram: graft4ever