The Great High Beech Drop! Parents and Parachutes....

Risking our Neck for Tech! Raising money for essential technology for High Beech Primary School

The Great High Beech Drop! Parents and Parachutes....
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This project received pledges on Wed 08 Apr 2015

Parents and parachutes..........

The school needs £3000 to upgrade the technology equipment. Children across the whole school will benefit and for years to come.

4 parents from the school are jumping out at 13,000 feet, free falling and then (hopefully) gliding into a controlled landing - being still in one piece!

Why do we need help?

·      The school is small with just 104 pupils from 4-11 years. Government funding is being cut and resources must be focused on the greatest number of pupils, so small schools take a very low priority.

·       The school is in a forest (6000 acres), on a hill (12% gradient and 360ft above sea level) and old (Built in 1882)! This makes it more expensive to implement changes due to the cost of more sophisticated equipment, difficulties of access and limitations of space.

However! Despite these challenges we all love the school. Children love going to school and they thrive; often exceeding beyond all expectations. We have a strong desire that the school will not miss out so have a Friends Association (parents, Grandparents, Carers and other community members) that raises money and has so far funded given towards: an all weather pitch, audio visual equipment, school trips, cooking equipment, whiteboards……

This time though we need YOUR help as it’s a really big goal. If we reach our full target the money will allow the school to make all the necessary changes at the same time – ultimately saving money. The changes made will benefit all of the children and the help the teaching staff work more effectively now and for years to come.  Help make a BIG different to a SMALL school.

 How it will be spent

·       Minimum £750 will pay for the essential wiring and infrastructure to be installed

·       £1,250 will mean the school can also purchase a 16 bay charger unit for the devices to be charged at the same so no one has to wait

 ·       Getting to £2,000 will mean they can also buy 3 new devices at £250 each including insurances and software

·       £3,000 means a whole class will be able to work on the same device at the same time

We will keep you updated every week on how it’s going!

  Your Reward?????

See our rewards for your gifts. But the biggest reward is knowing you may be inspiring the next Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg or Steve Jobs!

Please follow us here to keep updated…………and share this link with everyone you know – on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and tell your friends/work colleagues. Every £1 helps!

Please help us succeed! Have I mentioned we are jumping out at 13,000 feet- arrrrrgggh! Your pledge is much appreciated!!