The Great High Beech Drop! Parents and Parachutes....

Risking our Neck for Tech! Raising money for essential technology for High Beech Primary School

The Great High Beech Drop! Parents and Parachutes....
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This project received pledges on Wed 08 Apr 2015
3 years, 8 months ago

The Final count!

A huge Thank you to everyone that pledged! As you can see with the paper sponsors total added to the online total we have raised £2198! A target that has far exceeded our expectations and is a brilliant result!

It has made jumping wholly worth it - although I think the 3 of us enjoyed it too much!!

Can I publicly thank Craig and Laura for having the courage, conviction and patience (on the day) to jump too. It was so much better doing it together ;0)

This money will allow High Beech School to be well on the way to fulfilling their Computer equipment needs. 

I hope to contact you all within the next week about giving you your tiered rewards. And there is no greater reward than knowing you have made a BIG difference to a small school.

Thank you for your support 
Charlotte xxx 

3 years, 8 months ago

Woooooooooooo Hooooooooooo!!!!

It was a brilliant experience. The suits we had to wear - not very sexy! 

The weather was warm and good for jumping, and we have all taken off, drifted through fluffy white cloud and had a safe sunny landing. 

Parents and their parachutes - the droppers dropped!!!!

Thank you to all who pledged!!


3 years, 8 months ago

Hi Everyone!

We are all here and ready to go - waiting to take off on the pretty purple plane!

Estimated time of jump - 1pm.

Off to training soon ...................................

Charlotte xxx

3 years, 8 months ago

1 Day to Gooooooooooooooooo!


Wow Wow Wow!!!! We are over £1000 in pledges so thank you so much for all who have pledged! All the money raised will help the children at High Beech School for years to come.

The fundraising has exceeded my expectations and I will give a full total with paper sponsors tomorrow.

By this time tomorrow we may have jumped already! My aim is to post real time updates on the day as it happens.

Pray for favourable weather conditions and a safe landing


Charlotte xxx 

3 years, 8 months ago

Would you like to come and see it all happen?

Fancy a day out in Cambridgeshire?

Spectators are welcome to come and watch the jumps at the airfield -  See this link for travel . Please allow 1 hour and 20 mins travel time from M25. 

We arrive at 8am and the jump could take place at any time during the day so be prepared for a long wait - there is internet access, a canteen selling basic hot food, snacks and drinks. You can bring your own provisions but cannot eat them in their canteen.

Alternately if you are coming with kids there is the SKYLARK GARDEN CENTRE nearby (Open 9-6pm) which has an Easter Egg hunt on, Peppa Pig, feeding animals and an Award winning café check it out here -

 If you let me know you are coming I can text you when I know a rough time of jumping and you can head over for then.

Filming and pictures can be taken from the viewing area. 

Have a nice Easter break

Charlotte x

3 years, 8 months ago

What travels at 5.4 g-force? That's 53 metres per second.......or 120 miles p/h?

This speed is faster than a top fuel drag racing world record.... and comparable to a Formula 1 car at maximum heavy braking - the answer is WE will be!
Parachute free fallers experience 5.4 gees of force for up to 1 minute after first jumping out. 

There is just 1 week to go before we experience this so please in this last week can you encourage all the people you know to pledge, take around your own sponsor form and pray for favourable weather conditions! I would love it to be a clear day to see the view at that height (although apparently at 4 g's you lose colour vision...and at 4.5 g's you may lose vision altogether!)

The next update will be on the day so please pledge before then and get us up to £1000!

Thanks everyone!

Charlotte x

3 years, 8 months ago

2 Weeks to go until the drop!

Just in case you have forgotten - Click here to see what the jump involves (you may want to turn off sound as the music's quite loud!)

Now do you want the good news or the bad news?

Well - the good news is we are up to 58% funded with more being pledged directly to school. So it is actually more than this.........I am encouraged by sisters, grandparents, brothers, nieces, nephews and cousins, supporting and pledging - its a family affair!  Continue to gather pledges and spread the word!

The bad news is..........that Rob is unable to jump due to previously having two bulging discs in his back - and has been advised not to by his doctor!  He is very disappointed.......;-( 

Craig, Laura and I are still jumping and raring to go! Thank you to High Beech Church congregation who have been sponsoring Laura.

Thanks to you all for your support

Charlotte x

3 years, 9 months ago

Base Camp!

Well done everyone for making it past our minimum of £750....... it has been a week of high peaks!  

There have been 2 really generous donations that have increased the total online substantially plus one of the Mum's bank employer has also matched funded their donation direct to the school and this has amounted to a considerable sum. Thank you to the three of them!

But Base camp on Mt. Everest is only the first stage - there is still a way to go to the top! The trekking and climbing needed is made up of thousands of small steps - that's what we need now!

Please take your sponsor form with you everywhere and ask! Bryony in year 1 at the school has done this and is already up to £80 in sponsors - everyone can do this! Well done Bryony!  As of today my Doctor, my hairdresser, my car garage Abbey Motors and my postman (!!) has sponsored - you can ask everyone! Please email me and let me know how you are getting on - I would love to know!

Special thanks to All Saints Church congregation for all of their sponsors and especially the Vicar Rev Paul Harcourt.

Charlotte x

3 years, 9 months ago

Hi Everyone!

It's been a great week! Thank you to all who have sponsored so far - you have been very generous, with 7 people pledging £50 and over!

We have pledges and the support of the High Beech councillor Syd Stavrou, and the Waltham Abbey Mayor councillor Ann Mitchell MBE - really nice to speak to you both and thank you. Go read their lovely comments on our comments page.

Special thanks goes out to Dave Smith (Max's Dad) at TOTshirts who printed the 'Great High Beech Drop' T-shirts for us - for FREE ;0) Great service, quick turnaround and good design.

Also to Niki Parpotta my Zumba teacher for promoting the Jump at her classes.

Lastly thanks to Nathan & Aaron's V&E Judo Club in Cheshunt and the parents for their kind sponsors.

At the time of writing this we were 33% funded - let's keep the ball rolling........still a long way to go......Please help by being a helper - press the Facebook page on the left handside and post this page to all of your friends or email everyone in your address book.

Charlotte x