Greenland Mapping 2018

Help us on our journey as we set out to map an area of Southern Greenland

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An expedition to inspire the next generation of scientists

We hope to spend 7 weeks of our summer in the small village of Igaliku, South Greenland, producing a detailed geological map of the surrounding area. We will map of an area of approximately 15 square kilometres of unique geology, part of the remains of an ancient rift zone.

Whilst producing high quality research is important to us, our aim is for the expedition to be more than just an undergraduate mapping project. We want to engage with young people through undertaking our expedition, in order to increase awareness of the study of Earth Sciences and highlight its global importance.

We need your help to raise the money needed to make this exciting expedition a success!

Who are we?

We are a group of four second year Earth Scientists. We love geology and the outdoors, and want to be able to share that passion with others.

Izzy - 19, St Anne's, Expedition Leader. Procrasti-bakes geology themed cakes when she should be revising.

"I've always loved travel, hiking and spending time in the mountains, so I am very lucky that my degree offers me an opportunity to spend 7 weeks doing just that! The more I read about it the more I feel drawn to Greenland and the Arctic, so I'm looking forward to being able to get out there and see it for myself."

Camille - 20, St Anne's, Social Media Officer. A turtle neck jumper fanatic.

"I'm excited for our expedition because, as our location is so remote, it may be the only chance we have to go. I can't wait to experience the different cultures in Greenland, as well as getting the opportunity to really explore our surroundings through field work."

Tamsin - 20, Univ, Outreach Officer/Treasurer. We call her Tammo.

"I'd say for me it's a perfect academic challenge: unique geology, and an amazing setting to be looking in. Also a personal challenge - I've never done anything remotely like this before, so it's an exciting step into the unknown."

Jo - 19, Teddy Hall, Social Media Coordinator. Has taken a selfie with a yak in the Himalayas.

"This trip is important for me because I didn't really leave the UK as a child and I just want to see more of the world! It's the perfect mix of adventure and academia, I am so excited to see what the trip throws at us."

Why Greenland?

As a location for a mapping project, Greenland is unconventional and ambitious. We hope that this will capture the attention of the people we wish to engage. We will be camping for 7 weeks with limited access to facilities, and spending long days building a geological map from scratch in challenging physical conditions; a test of our physical and mental endurance.

As part of our undergraduate degree, we are required to undertake a geological mapping project. We want to use our experiences as a lens to show the opportunities offered by the field of Earth Sciences, inspire people to undertake their own expeditions  and raise questions surrounding sustainable resource management in the Arctic. Often in expeditions, only the end result is seen, rather than the work needed to get there. We feel that by showing the entire process from planning to completion, we will be able to show that undertaking a project such as this is achievable for everyone.

Earth Sciences is the key to understanding many of the problems which the world faces, and in order to tackle these problems we need people from a diverse range of backgrounds to study STEM subjects. We will be sharing our experiences by working directly with young people through an outreach project (giving presentations and workshops to school children, and running interactive stands at science fairs) both before and after the expedition. Our entire expedition process will also be documented online so that people we have connected with are able to follow our progress.

We hope that Greenland represents a location which will enable us to effectively complete our aims of encouraging public engagement in earth sciences and expeditions:

  • Production of geological maps of an area totaling approximately 30 square kilometres surrounding the village of Igaliku.
  • Raising awareness of the study of geology and promoting the value of expeditions, through visiting students in schools, and via our social media and blog.
  • Initiating discussions about the role of resource management in the Arctic, through opinions gathered about a mine which is proposed to open near to our mapping area from Greenland locals.

Why do we need funding?

An expedition to Greenland doesn't come cheap, and will require a considerable amount of financial support. Our total expedition budget is just over £16000.We have already received some funding from our department, and are hoping to be able to secure a considerable amount through grants from our colleges and from grant giving organisations. However, we need your help to ensure that we have enough money to cover our target budget and be able to undertake the expedition.

Our main expenses include:

  • Flights - £3500
  • Boat transfers in Greenland - £650
  • Food - £2500
  • Tents - £800
  • Internet access - £700

If we reach our minimum, this money will be spent on essential expenses necessary for the expedition to run. If we raise our target, or even more, this will enable us to ensure that our expedition has the maximum possible impact, such as buying a GoPro camera so we can record even more of our adventures.

Throughout the campaign, we will be regularly sharing updates of our planning and preparation. Please do get involved on our social media pages, and let us know of any thoughts and ideas. We would love to hear from you!


We have a range of great rewards on offer, for donations big and small. Please see the right hand side of the page for more information, and just give us a shout if you have questions about any of them.

Follow our progress

If you are wondering where you can go to keep track of our antics, fear not! We will be extensively posting about our progress on all of our many social media channels. Follow us for tales of nerve-wracking interviews, rock smashing and maybe even some camping stove come-dine-with-me!

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We would also welcome any thoughts and ideas you may have, so feel free to get in touch. You can also contact us via email . You can also contact us if you know of a school or organisation who you feel would benefit from a visit from us.

How can you help?

The success of our project depends on the contribution of donors, like you. Every donation, of any size, will help us to achieve our goal.

If you'd like to help us further, or if you are unable to donate, please share our project with anyone you think might be interested in our expedition – on Twitter, Facebook, email, telephone, word of mouth, or any other ways you can think of!  The more people who hear about our project, the more likely we are to succeed. By clicking the button at the top of the page, you can share your own unique link, to help others to find a way to our page where they can make a contribution of their own.

In case you missed it, here are all of our social media channels:

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We are very grateful for all donations, whether big or small. Please sponsor us to help us to make this expedition a success!

Mapping love,

Izzy, Camille, Tamsin and Jo