Wearable technology workshop for Girl Guides

A GEMMA wearable kit + training for every girl guide at 88th Bristol

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This project received pledges on Thu 06 Mar 2014
8 years, 3 months ago

Long time without updating, whoopsie!

Its coming to the end of the funding period and I have a lot of the kit I need thanks to some support from uni.

My next step after the workshop kits and resources are done and I've ran my workshop is to buy(or borrow, if I can?) A few tester boards of other varieties, see how gemma can interface with the sensors and work out what follow on workshops would work well.


I'm lucky enough to have 1 hopeful volunteer who's technical to work with on the day - if anyone else is happy to pitch in on the 18th please let me know!

So yeah. Final push, please keep sharing and thanks to you all!

8 years, 4 months ago

Hit the funding target on Monday, hurray!

I've started to plan out what to add to future projects, such as temperature based LED lighting, but the more money I get toward this the easier this will be, so keep sharing! I will be brainstorming what projects would be best - help and advice on this'd be great from all sources!

I've had quite a bit of contact from people all over the country looking for help and wanting to chat, and a lot of help with sharing from the girl guiding association which is pretty sweet.

I'm hoping to add a page to my site for people to contact me from the Bristol area if they want me to come visit their club or guide/brownie unit - in the mean time feel free to tweet/comment at me!

8 years, 4 months ago

So funding is going well, in case anyone didn't catch my last update, Hull Uni is planning on backing this with the full amount so all that's raised so far will go towards extras! I'm very pleased at how fast this spread and thanks to all who've helped me.

Spoke with a couple of people today from Uni of Bristol about repeat ventures, hopefully going to be in discussion about sharing ideas and future ventures. Excited to meet David McAll who's thinking of a few wearable tech website/ventures to get more kids into doing their own projects and said he was thinking of donating some hardware, so that's great and I'm glad there's people who want to help so much!

8 years, 4 months ago

Less than 24 hours since publish and the workshop's 45% funded! I'm stunned, really. Thankyou to everyone who's been extremely supportive of this, from people who retweeted to people who donated. I'm amazed at your generosity and at how far this has spread during today.

Anyway, news: I emailed my department back at the University of Hull, and it's been agreed that they 100% sponsor the workshop. I'm completely flattered by this and humbled. 

As far as this page goes and the money people have put forward, I will make sure that all money goes towards making this workshop and future workshops more awesome, from more gadgets and demos to sensory input which I wanted to put in in the first place, and I will keep people posted on what I get and how I'm going to improve the already awesome workshop which I really can't wait to run.