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H2H Community Event Day 2019

A community event day to promote inclusion and tackle social isolation led by Nursing students

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This project received pledges on Tue 25 Jun 2019

What is it like to be part of Heritage2Health?

Hi! My name is Emma I am 15 years old. I go to St Philip’s Special Needs School in Chessington. I am a H2H Buddy which means I have a Buddy student nurse, Tara. We have acted together, helped to run lessons for student teachers together and will be helping to run a day out for people who are very lonely on 28th June 2019. Before I was a Buddy I was frightened of nurses. Now I like nurses! Tara and the other Buddy nurses helped me sing in front of the whole school! It was brilliant! I am really excited to help on 28th June. We need your help to make it a great day.

My name is Tara I am studying to be a nurse. Before I was a Heritage2Health Buddy I was nervous of working with people with learning disabilities. Buddying has completely changed my views. Not only am I more confident in building relationships and communicating, I have also been able to advocate for people with learning disabilities in hospital to ensure they receive the best care. My buddy experience has shown me what we can achieve through working together and how I can make a difference. I want every nurse to have a Buddy experience, especially as 40% of deaths of people with learning disabilities are due to them receiving poor healthcare.I want ALL people with learning disabilities to be fully valued for the contribution they make to the world.

(*anonymised collated feedback from students of St Philip’s School and Kingston University)


Student nurses from the Kingston University School of Nursing are passionate about engaging communities to improve health and wellbeing in innovative and exciting ways. We work throughout the year on a programme of unique "buddy" projects to tackle social isolation through partnership working and learning. Our award-winning initiatives have been nationally recognised. NaNa Xmas Buddy Drama project won the Student Nursing Times Teaching Innovation Award, 2019; and Fighting For Our Rights received a Teacher Education Advancement Network Commendation for Effective Practice in Teacher Education, 2019.

How can you help?

On 28th June Heritage2Health Nursing School Buddies are hosting a great day out for local people at Ham House, near Kingston. We will be training up to 60 student nurses to work with people with complex disabilities so that our guests have a safe and wonderful experience. We are inviting over 100 guests including: people with learning disabilities, brain injury, mental health issues, of all ages, at risk of isolation. The day is free and accessible to all. Ideally, we need to raise £2,600 to cover all our costs: refreshments, activities, equipment and training. 

Spread the word

Part of the solution to social isolation involves reaching out. So please reach out and share this project with anyone who might want to support us – on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, by email, telephone, in a chat over the fence or on your blog. Please give what you can - social media contact, a penny, a pound. Your support means a lot to us. Thank you!

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