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Integration in Dance Pedagogy

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Completion Date: Fri 21 Apr 2017
BioRhythm Lifestyle and Eurythmic Talent Point Short introduction

Chance + equality = SUCCESS


The BioRhythm Excellent Talent Point’s integrated eurythmic group achieved the first rank with the 17-year-old talented girl with Down syndrome, on the 22nd of March 2014 at the XII. Sara Berczik National Memorial Competition, held in Budapest. She took place in the category of eurythmy and at the youth ages among more than 150 participants, Tímea Bőczy was allowed to compete as an equal competitor with her partners. Beatrix Kovács choreographer, mentor teacher created the chance for her along Timi’s outstanding motivation. It’s been 14 years since Tímea started taking part of the integrated program within the dance pedagogy. In 2013 she received the National Talent Support Council’s special award.

Our goals

Tasks of our Talent Point include early development, furthermore, developer training, care and guidance for parents. Children's skill development, assistance in the recognition and targeted further development of existing skills. The occupation of handicapped children using movement therapy. Creating a database of the Association's members, of the presentation of their activities, and its continuous care synchronized with the information base of the Genius Program. „Good exercises” are the familiarization and the practical demonstration of a well-tried development program. Finding exemplary art, sport and science education workshops, the creation of their work place, the talents’ identifications. The identification and the support of talent development with methodological specialist materials in all arts, sports and sciences.

The priority area of ​​our talent support program within SEN is the development of talents with Down syndrome in an integrated environment through the art of movement. In addition, the searching, finding, mentoring of romani and disadvantaged talents and their development in an integrated medium through sports arts and sciences.

The BioRhythm Lifestyle and Eurythmic Talent Point was established in 2010 by several non-governmental organizations and pedagogues. Identifier: TP 150 000 754

  • We operate as a high-qualified, accredited, European Talent Point.
  • Our members , our teachers have 25-30 years of experience and practice.
  • We help schools, non-governmental organizations, individuals with our skills.
  • Our main activities related to talent management include the tracing of talents early in life.

We believe that the development of basic skills, abilities' professional support as early as possible is a key element.

In favor of this we made talent management, development activities and organized a talent show day in nursery schools. These activities moved more 100 children from 2010 to present. One important part of our activities is to organize parent-child programs.

We select the participants together, in agreement with the professionals of the Association's talent

management. According to our definition, Talent=motivation, creativity, outstanding capability. Our enrollment's criteria system is set out by our requirements.

We accomplish talent identification and maintenance in the next 3 areas:

Talent identification

  • Somatic-kinesthetic

According to the enrollment criteria we attend the rhythm, looseness, flexibility, performance-improvisation and the creativity (e.g. He/She has his/her own ideas for a specific music for specific choreography, sensitive for beauty).

  • Interpersonal

According to the enrollment criteria we attend the eye contact, expressiveness, dominance and the attention for each other. Divergence, fluency, flexibility, pantomime skills and motivation in all cases are measured by our own method.

  • Visual-spatial

The observation, motion imagery, creativity (pl.: drawing is particularly expressive, artistic), perseverance, composing skills, sense of space, sense of colors and forms.

Talent maintenance

  • Somatic-kinesthetic – movement art, stage performing arts, gymnastics and related sports
  • Interpersonal – communication and social interaction in stage performing arts and movement arts
  • Visual-spatial – stage makeup and body painting, scenery, costumes and background design

The observation, motion imagery, creativity (pl.: drawing is particularly expressive, artistic), perseverance, composing skills, sense of space, sense of colours and forms.

Talent advice for parents.

Our research

Name of the research:

  • Down integration within dance pedagogy

From: 2004-09-01

To: 2020-12-14

Main research questions: How the dance therapy session helps the social integration of children with Down syndrome. My research was made ​​on the basis of my own sample.

According to my results, Tímea has become cooperative with her healthy peers, she's able to actively participate in class, over and above she performs very serious exercises to a high standard. Because of this, on the 18th of March 2013 she recieved the National Talent Support Council’s special award. It was one of the stations of my long-term subsequent follow-up, so the research will foreseeably last until 2020. As the result of my research's practical benefits, due to the above-mentioned reasons, the family gets a manageable, task-conscious, disciplinable child.

  • The community-building power of an art group with integrated education

From: 2006-01-05

To: 2013-09-10

  • Main research questions: The community-building power of an art group with integrated education. My research was made ​​on the basis of my own sample. Based on my results, I would like to mention the outstanding role of creativity. The factors of divergent thinking: creativity. Divergence: lots of options' solution could be mentioned, e.g. how many creative thoughts, ideas they have. This can manifest itself in the design of scenic views, clothes and scenery. The group's cohesiveness, cohesive strength are very important. Without proper COMMUNICATION and SOCIAL interactions, such knowledge cannot be developed. Due to the above-mentioned reasons, the family gets a manageable, task-conscious, disciplinable child.

Our activities are constantly documented. Types of our documentations: written documents, opening speeches, lecture texts , interviews and other audios, videos, photos and publications. The archive image of our documentations are developed under this program.

In addition, we are preparing for festivals and events with our partners.

Training courses are organized in our fine art and computer workshops.

We regularly keep measurement and evaluation, talent consultation, talent coordination.

We widely search for potential partners for co-operation in the field of talent management. We organize complex talent camps, workshops, festivals and organize of volunteer programs.

The Talent Point is coordinated at the Association's location and the programs are accomplished in its workshops. We rent our dancing hall, our association's members pay membership dues. Constant sponsor helps our activities. Every year we successfully participate in the tenders of the National Talent Programme. This way we can provide our continuous, long-term projects. Our current and planned services provide a wide range of opportunities for us to tender.


Necessary nutritional supplements and vitamins to preserve Tímea's health

150.000.- HUF / £ 419 Circus equipments for performances and events

350.000.- HUF / £ 977 2 training dresses and special shoes

120.000.- HUF / £ 335 Performing and competition dresses

250.000.- HUF / £ 698 Further coaches (circus artists 8.000.- HUF / £ 23 / occasion)

800.000.- HUF / £ 2 232 Travel and competition fees

260.000.- HUF / £ 726 Book about 14 years of work (pictures, DVD, design, printing works)

1.500.000.- HUF / £ 4 185 60 minute- special documentary with the total cost of the production (14 years of work): 1.500.000.- HUF / £ 4 185

Every person with disabilities (so Tímea as well like every other people) requires belonging somewhere, accomplishing himself/herself, doing creative work, having a safe, stabile, precious life, being estimated.

web: bioritmus.atb.hu

facebook: BioRitmus Életmód és Mozgásművészeti Tehetségpont