New ProjectMaster in Fantasy Literature

Help Francesca fund her master in Fantasy literature at the University of Glasgow

New ProjectMaster in Fantasy Literature
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Completion Date: Mon 01 Jan 2018

A short summary of MY project

I am raising 7650 pounds to fund my postgraduate taught master in Fantasy Literature at the University of Glasgow.

WHO AM I?? and why should (hopefully) you help me.

I am currently a graduating student of English language and Literature at Ewha Womans University in South Korea. Ethnically I am Italian, and you might ask yourself, how the hell did I end up studying in such a remote country? If I were to enunciate all of the factors and reasons that brought me here I would have to write a whole chapter of a book (if you want to know more details why not become a generous donor and I can tell the full bio lol jk). A long story short, through some friends that I met during a language study program in the UK I fell in love with the Korean culture and language and came to this country to pursue my degree while cultivating my passion. However, at the same time, I have never put aside my primary interest in the English language and literature. I have always been a very hard working person, and through my sheer determination I was able to get a tuition scholarship that has allowed me to pursue my undergraduate degree so far (although I had to work very hard to earn enough to live in the meantime aha). Fantasy literature, in particular Harry Potter (yeah I know, who isn't a fan of "the chosen one"??), has played an important part in my life, helping me to deal with physical and emotional struggles all the while by providing an imagined space of comfort and refuge. I will not bore you with all the negative and depressing parts of my life, so let's skip that part for now.

When I saw that Glasgow University was offering a master in Fantasy Literature I couldn't desist from applying, I know this is what is right for me. In the future, I plan to make good use of this study by pursuing a career in either creative writing or screenwriting, which I both find very enticing and within my capabilities. The only impediment to my dream: money :(

This is where you guys come into play: if you have taken my story to your heart, why not contributing with what you can to my aspirations and possible future success?

I would be eternally grateful for that.

My goal is to reach 7650 pounds to pay for my tuition fee as a full-time student (I'm getting old here so I would like to achieve my degree asap ehe), to provide for my living expenses I am planning to find a part time (although it's going to be hard to juggle classes and work I'm willing to make such sacrifice for my dream), but if we can achieve more than that it would be surely welcome!!

In material terms I won't be able to express my gratitude, I hope you would be content with my full heart gratitude. I would be willing also to make a video thanking personally each and everyone of you who will make a contribution!:) If you come to South Korea before I move to Glasgow (hopefully, fingers crossed) I could be your Cicero and show you the wonders of this country!:)

If you don't have money (and are a poor broke student like me ahah) I would be happy just if you shared this project with anyone you think would be in a position to help me; share on your social media or wherever it can reach out the most people!!^^

Pls make my dream happen :)