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Completion Date: Mon 31 Oct 2016


    My name is Ingrid and I am a student at the Budapest Metropolitan University, where I study digital design, including 3D design. From a very early age I knew I want to be a designer and doctor one day. I built my studies on this, so I studied English and French, graduated from high school with a French Baccalauréat. Finally the time has come, but having my Mom as my only support system had me face the fact that these dreams are impossible for me without outer financial help.

    I am lucky to be the member of the University of Pécs Medical School’s 3D designer team at the biophysics department, where we’ll be working with different types of 3D printers. So finally I have the chance to design and help medicine with various ideas.

    I have always been deeply passionate about helping people especially with disabilities.  I work at a Talent Point that helps children and young people with diabilities, with mental illness or with (social) disadvantages through dance and art for almost 13 years. I also help the development of mental abilities of a young girl with Down syndrome and support her dancing and art skills along Roma and other misfortunate talents at the trainings and on the stage as well. I am the member of this movement art group since the age of four.

    One in six people have a disability from mild to severe in the European Union (only!). That means 80 million people and this number is about to rise as the population gets older. This is just one of the main reasons why I would love to bring public awareness this area with my future studies.


    The reason why I am asking for your support is, because my ultimate goal is to produce 3D printed development tools for people with disabilities and/or with mental health problems.  This programme could be unique in this world. I have and always had a special interest in medicine so in order to this and to provide a stable knowledge for my programme I would like to go to medical school in the near future, which is one of my biggest dreams.

    Your generosity will also help to realize my plan to make an exhibition of my fine art works, paintings, drawings and jewelries. Besides all these, as an obvious polyhistor I design textile, clothes, table sets and jewelries, in the future my dream would be to create my own brand. But up until then I am obsessed with drawing and fine arts.

    If I was able to raise the funds, that would allow me to study at both universities and to produce tools with what we can help the development of children with mental illness.

    I know, all these things and dreams take time and a very long journey to go through, although I am hoping for the best and your thoughtfulness might take me one step closer to the final goal.


    I am asking for your help in funding my tuition fees, accommodation, travels between the two universities and the equipments that includes my very first laptop, which is essential for both of my studies.

    • Tuition fee for one year: 796.000.- HUF (398000 HUF/semester) = £2127.1030 (£1063.5515 per semester)
    • Accommodation for 9 months: 800.000.- HUF = £2138.1229
    • Equipments (laptop, software): 900.000.- HUF = £2405.3883
    • Travel between the two universities: 154.000.- HUF = £411.7118

    Please help my dreams come reality!

    Please help me succeed!