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Postgraduate Research Fees
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Completion Date: Mon 30 Oct 2017


I'm an ambitious, motivated, and enthusiastic aspiring biomedical researcher looking to help fund my MSc research at the University of Durham over the next year. This exciting opportunity will allow me to get my foot in the door of a scientific research career and build the essential skills and knowledge required to succeed! However, there is one big hurdle preventing me from reaching this goal; the tuition fees. To cover all the costs of my research, I need to raise £4195, £1000 of which I am able to contribute from the money I have earned and saved to pay for my accommodation/living. I would like to ask you, that if you have anything spare you could afford the contribute to achieving my  goal, I would be unbelievably grateful!

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I have listed the best rewards I can feasibly accomplish for anyone generous to donate any amount to this cause!

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