An intuitive learning and revision platform where users can make their own maps

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Completion Date: Fri 10 Aug 2018
A short summary of your project

Higherarchy is an educational content creation platform which uses a mind map style model to map out complex and multi-faceted subjects into richly connected topics. Whilst primarily aimed at complex Higher educational courses, Higherarchy is open to anything a user wants to map out and focuses on giving users as much flexibility as possible in content creation.

Whereas traditional mind mapping platforms condense vast amounts of data into a large and hard to navigate 2D image, Higherarchy focuses on serving users a manageable amount of content at any given time, whilst retaining the ability to view the subject as a whole within the same page. It does this by adding a new dimension to the mind map; each node serves as a page within itself, so you can add vast amounts of educational content without overwhelming users.

Higherarchy is going to be offered using a freemium model to ensure maximum inclusiveness, with enhanced features and resources for standard and premium members. Nonetheless, both free and paying members will get access to all the publicly accessible community-made maps.

Key features

  • Native LaTeX syntax support - Easily add all the formulae needed for each topic within individual formulae lists
  • Complete cross-platform compatibility (Everything from a Raspberry Pi to a PS4)
  • Intuitive touchscreen and touch gestures support
  • Smooth navigational experience - Use the onscreen arrows or your keyboard to explore a map
  • Maximised accessibility for users with visual impairments thanks to infinitely zoomable vector graphics and in built text-to-speech functionality (applied automatically to all user made maps without any additional effort required by the user)
  • Easy community interaction and creation - Make groups to share learning resources privately or publicly
  • Simple to use Map building interface with minimal limitations on included content
  • Easy notation - The Map acts as a canvas to draw any notes you'd like to add freehand
  • Rich Analytics - Higherarchy securely and automatically stores (with the users permission) rich analytical data on how much time you spend in each topic, and allows you to input relevant exam results to track your progress
  • Easily link to external content - Higherarchy acknowledges that excellent educational content already exists online and often is simply hidden by factors like poor search engine algorithms. Every node has a reading list which users can use to submit links to great existing content relevant to the topic, and then vote on how useful that content is.
  • Questions/Test module (Not yet developed) - Add in multiple choice or text answer question to any topic to allow users to test their knowledge of a given subject. Higherarchy will allow users to pick questions from either individual topics or the whole subject to ensure users can tailor their exams practice to their specific needs.
  • Comment engine (Not yet developed) - Every topic will have its own comment feed, allowing users to easily ask and answer questions on both extremely targeted subtopics of a subject, or the subject as a whole.
  • Easy to use inbuilt storage (Not yet developed) - Whilst all users can add images by hyperlinking from external storage services or sites, premium members will be able to easily upload their own images/gifs/videos from within the app, saving time and making the ecosystem as integrated as possible.

Your story

I started developing Higherarchy as I found that my revision process was becoming increasingly fragmented and inefficient. My typical revision process includes making flashcards on one site, a mind map on another, writing revision notes and required formulae list on paper, and then doing questions separately. Whilst many would argue that repetition aids learning, and to some extent it does, I was spending far more time navigating between the mediums and trying to remember what parts of a subject were in each format than I was actually developing a full understanding of the topics at hand. Higherarchy tries to integrate all of these learning processes into one easy to use package, saving users the time wasted trawling for content.

My main goal with the project is to make learning more efficient and intuitive, whilst ensuring maximum accessibility and a community-oriented focus. Higherarchy is designed so anyone can make great content to share with the world, and to clearly stitch together the rich content already freely available on the internet.

Currently the project has an extremely functional proof of concept, built with Microsoft Azure cloud technology for massive scalability, but financing the project has become a hurdle. Whilst I should be able to finish the majority of the programming for the site this year and have the project ready to launch by late 2018/early 2019, I am unable to cover the costs involved with hosting and delivering the finished product. By crowdfunding this project you will be among the first to use the site and all the community made resources that come with it, as well as helping subsidise the free membership tier which will ensure everyone gets access to great educational resources.

Where will the money go?

  • Rough Azure hosting costs per month for operation with around 100 users (exact costs to be determined through load testing before release) - £500-1000
  • Promotional costs  - £1000
  • Professional content for all users on the site (if the site exceeds its donation target) - £1000-10000
  • Ensuring full GDPR Compliance and other costs involved with developing the site - £2500-5000


  • Donations over £4 - 1 month standard membership on public release
  • Donations over £10 - 1 month premium membership on public release (including 1 GB of integrated image/video storage), access to public beta
  • Donations over £20 - 3 month premium membership on public release (including 1 GB of integrated  image/video storage), access to public beta
  • Donations over £75 - 12 month premium membership on public release (including 1 GB of integrated  image/video storage), access to the closed beta, and an exclusive founders tag on your profile
  • Donations over £100 - 12 month premium membership on public release (including 10 GB of integrated  image/video storage), access to both the closed Alpha and closed Beta, an exclusive founders tag on your profile

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Follow @Higherarchy1 to keep up with the sites development.

Help us succeed!

  • If you aren't able to donate don't fret, Higherarchy will always have a free membership option when it is finally released!
  • By sharing this page on social media (twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Reddit, etc.)  before the 10th August 2018, you will be offered access to the public beta (due hopefully before the end of 2018). When the public beta is released simply send the link of you sharing this page (or the YouTube video linked in this page) to the email listed on the beta site and you will be sent an unlock code to register an account to use the site.
  • Every share is appreciated! Higherarchy is a community driven site, with more members meaning more content for everyone.
  • User privacy and data protection is the highest priority for Higherarchy , and at the very minimum aims to ensure full GDPR compliance and best practices through the Azure platform. All data submitted for the purposes of crowdfunding will only be used to contact donors to offer them accounts for the relevant tiers of rewards, and will not be stored or shared with any other firms than the minimum required to process payments (I.e. Jisc and PayPal). Furthermore, Higherarchy itself aims to fund itself through its users and not through advertisers, so there is no need to worry about data being sold on or external trackers on the site.